Addiction Rehab Toronto Provides Lasting Recovery

Individual, family, and group therapy combined with fitness and art therapy in Toronto

Too often addiction is treated as an illness with an end. The truth is that addiction is a lifelong illness and finding the root cause could be the key to lasting recovery. Knowing how the drug of choice entered into an addict’s life is not nearly as important as what kept it in their life. Sometimes it is impossible to recognize that familial bonds may need mending or that the places and people around us are contributing to the cycle of addiction.

Addiction Rehab Toronto provides patients with individual and group counselling to discover the root cause of their addiction. Family counselling is provided as well for treatment as well as preventative purposes. Once a patient has left the rehab facility, family and friends are the eyes and ears that get help before the cycle begins again. Because families are impacted, sometimes without anyone realizing it, family counselling also offers family members to voice their feelings on how the addiction touched them.

While an inpatient stay is the most effective way to detox, outpatient treatment is provided when possible as well as a sober living facility when necessary. The goal is not just to get you or your family member clean, it is to achieve sobriety in a lasting way. To that end, a secondary focus will be explored. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant and sweating is a great way to remove toxins from your system. Yoga and meditation can give patients the tools to get through difficult situations in an introspective way that has not been utilized before.

Shifting focus away from drugs and alcohol does not have to mean breaking a sweat. Detoxing from a substance and transferring that energy into art or music can reveal a hidden talent or two. Putting your feelings onto paper may be hard with words but getting them out through your fingers can have beautiful results. Clearing the mind of clutter can lead to a cleaner, healthier life.

Addiction Rehab Toronto understands that addiction is a lifelong struggle that can be made easier by embracing patients’ creativity and through talk therapy. A year-long aftercare program is provided post graduation that reinforces the fundamentals instilled during treatment. There will always be someone to guide you and knowing that no one is alone in his addiction makes it easier to ask for help and prevent relapse. Families are also encouraged to remain in counselling. Recovery is a lifetime goal that can be achieved.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto is a private residential treatment facility with programs designed to treat the whole patient and provide lifetime relief from the disease of addiction. With beautiful grounds and a variety of recreational activities, patients have the opportunity to work through the physical energy that comes with withdrawal. It is a warm and caring environment free of judgment. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and has a strong willingness to change, contact us for help.

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