Ecolone Handmade Soaps National Brand Release hosted by Comedian AO Goes Viral

Truly authentic social comedy is becoming a rare sight nowadays. Most of the humor is simply too out of the world to really act as applicable social commentary, and thus does not have the expected effect on the audience.

To break this cycle of weak humor and comedy, Comedian AO hosted the Ecolone Handmade Soaps National Brand Release at L’Auberge Casino & Resort Baton Rouge. Comedian AO is one of the hottest up and coming comedians who loves to discuss the latest and hottest topics that will undoubtedly spark discussion and laughter through a fittingly hilarious and humorous manner.

The national brand release incited laughter, and also struck an inspirational cord in the local community, to show others that they are able to achieve anything that they set their minds to, so long as they show dedication and effort to the task. “It requires only pure intentions and a heart to forgive your mistakes in business and quickly learn to use them as a book or life will use it as a hammer,” said J’Quincy Jones Sr., the founder and CEO of Ecolone Handmade Soaps.

Comedian AO blessed the crowd with his comedic skills, but also highlighted the future launch of his brand called #LMNID, which is a natural lube recipe. He has been working on the creation of this particular brand for a good amount of time and will have a date announcement soon for that upcoming event which will also include his own apparel line.

The entertainment host of the entire event was Vibrant Lyfe Productions, one of Louisiana’s top entertainment companies. Owner Brian Poydras has years of experience ranging from concerts and private parties with top artists in the music and movie industry and is capable of broader projects ranging from fashion shows to private galas nationwide. Vibrant Lyfe Productions is a for sure go to company for visitors looking for a custom and catered entertainment experience when visiting Louisiana.

You cannot have a party unless you have the right music. DJ Mario kept the crowd on their feet and in a vibrant mood all night long. Who is DJ Mario? Ecolone Handmade Soaps knows flavor. Adding DJ Mario to orchestrate the music was the icing on the cake! With special mix features on the hottest radio stations in Louisiana, do not be surprised that the singing DJ may end up in a city near you soon. The event offered free food and drinks, as well as free products from Ecolone Handmade Soaps. It was a first come first serve format, but if you haven’t been to Louisiana, a party isn’t a party unless it has too many drinks and too much food. Vibrant Lyfe Productions helped leave an enticing impression on the party attendees.

The event occurred November 16, 2017 and the demand for Ecolone Handmade Soaps fundraising program is at an all-time high. Schools and organizations abroad are gearing up for this new and innovative fundraising company, and of course they are unable to contain their excitement and energy.

About Ecolone Handmade Soaps National Brand Release:

The Ecolone Handmade Soaps National Brand release was held at L’ Auberge Casino & Resort, which is one of the most exciting places to lodge, visit, and experience a wonderful gaming atmosphere when in Baton Rouge, LA. With the parent company Pinnacle Entertainment being founded in 1938 by Jack L. Warner, a question of if they know how to entertain is out of the window. The owner of Ecolone Handmade Soaps J’Quincy Jones Sr. expresses his thanks to the state of Louisiana for the support over the past few years. J’Quincy Jones Sr. also stated with him being born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that it was only fair to the local community to provide a place of true fun and relaxation. “I’m proud to represent my state on an international level in business. It’s events like these that help keep my purpose true which is to help the younger generation build, keep, and sustain a positive mindset. If I can do it, you can do it better!” Ecolone Soaps event was packed with partners and sponsors of all sorts helping the company make a national statement with its motto which states, “Its Bigger Than Soap.” They definitely proved it in a very light-hearted and humorous manner courtesy of Comedian AO.

With Ecolone Soaps having one of the best fundraising programs in the United States, the company is sparking the interests of many organizations around the globe. This event was undoubtedly something spectacular. Ecolone Handmade Soaps Fundraising program helps organizations to possibly raise up to $200,000 in profits! We see and understand now what the fuss is all about.

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