MRT Drivers Take 1st at Ultra4 National Series for Third Year in a Row

MRT tires again deliver success for drivers Phil Cagliero and Darren Gomez in 2017 Ultra4 Series – the most difficult off-road race in the world

Prairie du Chien WI – January 16, 2018 – MotoRaceTire / MRT ( Drivers continues to chalk up a series of wins – locking down the Ultra4 Series for the third year in a row!  MRT tires were a contributing factor to this winning scenario with their Kevlar Armor Belt tires that have proved their quality by standing up to extreme racing terrain.


And the results are outstanding! MotoRaceTire / MRT tires contributed to  1st & 2nd place titles for the 2017 ULTRA4 UTV National Series. The 2017 winning drivers are: 1st:  Phil Cagliero and 2nd: Darren Gomez.  Cagliero took 1s place in 2016 as well. And John Duckworth took 1st in the 2015 series.

For the past three years, the winning drivers all use the MRT Kevlar Armor Belt tires -proven to be the highest anti-puncture strength tire. This allowed the drivers to finish the season with no flats and as a result they did not need to use any form of anti-puncture / run-flat additions such as blocks or balls.

“MRT Race tires have proven to perform time and time again. Winning the Ultra4 UTV National Championship two years in a row could not have been achieved without the support of great family, great friends, great parts and great tires.  I am thankful to everyone who helped me take home the Championship in 2016 and 2017 “MRT tires have given me a huge advantage. I raced the entire 2016 race season without a tire failure and I raced the 2017 race season with only one tire failure. The Utlra4 series including King of the Hammers is brutal on your equipment. I can’t imagine doing it without MRT tires!” stated Phil Cagliero.

“We achieve excellence by testing, failure analysis and continuous innovation. Our tires aren’t released until they have passed the strictest of tests and scrutiny. It’s this focus that allows our drivers to race with confidence. We also accredit the Kevlar Armor Belt as the strongest best traction UTV tires on the market.  And our continued innovation ensures our tires are always able to succeed through the toughest challenges,” according to Mark Thornburg, president MRT.


Winning is not new for MRT – as the MRT Tires were a factor to our drivers podium wins in BITD, SCORE, AZOP,  SRRS, STR8UP, LUCAS OIL & WORC Off Road Series, Series Podiums Points Championship @ Line Mountain 4 Wheelers (2nd place).

Endurance Race @ Oklahoma Gold Rush, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (3rd place)  And Many More!

About MRT:

MRT,, is the leader in delivering the highest quality and most innovative tires on the market today. Working closely with race teams and mechanical CAD aided testing,  MRT contentiously develops new leading tire technology including the first and only Kevlar Race Tire using Kevlar Armor Belt. These tires are lightweight and designed to provide run flat protection combined with strength and speed on the track. MRT Kevlar Armor Belt quality is designed and built to outlast the competition. Guaranteed. 

Our teams test in ALL race conditions, and tires components are modified based on driver’s feedback and tire performance. This attention to detail and drive for continuous improvement is why MRT provides the best race tire now and will continue to provide the best tire for all race and riding conditions.

Quality where and when you need it. What are you waiting for?

For more information on MRT, contact us at:; 844.884.9759, – ATVonics:

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