Preventing Damage and Work Delays with Vibration Monitoring

Business must always be at work.  The bottom line of a company must not be impacted by equipment breakage and the work delays caused when equipment is undergoing maintenance.  Sensitive equipment should be continually monitored as a part of a company’s preventative maintenance program. Organizations, such as the International Warehouse Logistics Association, have developed and implemented vibration monitoring strategies that save millions of maintenance costs associated with shipping and warehouse equipment.

Sensors and Sensitivity to Vibration

Whether the equipment runs primarily on belts, gears, bearings, drive motors or a combination of moving parts, they all have a “normal” rage of vibration during operating cycles. Change in equipment vibration serves as an early warning of a decline in operating function and signals the need for early maintenance to avoid more serious faults and/or failures. To understand more about the importance of monitoring vibration, visit this site.


Like most cloud-based technologies, sensor data can be scaled to match your organization’s maintenance program. It can also grow with you. For example, if your organization does not require large amounts of data it isn’t necessary to purchase high event sample rates. Should your maintenance monitoring needs grow, sensor software is capable of recording large amounts of data. Additionally, there are numerous data transfer options so that sensors can seamlessly integrate with existing networks and systems. 

Customized Options

Industry-specific tech companies like SpotSee have worked to improve vibration sensor and recording software customization. Developers and designers have constructed wireless sensors that meet a company’s unique requirements, whether a company simply needs a sensor that provides an alarm, or if a company requires ongoing monitoring throughout a piece of equipment’s life-span.  

Vibration Sensing for High Tech Equipment 

High tech products can range from manufacturing process equipment to commercial kitchen appliances to high-end consumer electronics. No matter where they are on the spectrum, they are subject to hidden damage during transport.  If equipment shows up for installation and it’s discovered to be damaged, the whole project is then behind schedule. The manufacturing line can’t build products, the restaurant can’t be opened, and the watch party must move to someone else’s house.

Products like ShockWatch impact and tilt indicators are simple solutions that drive accountability in the supply chain. It’s simple. When a shipment is being monitored for mishandling, handlers are more careful.  Companies have reduced their shipping damage by as much as 70% by employing ShockWatch solutions. Don’t you want to take action at your company?

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