New Procedure Reduces AC Joint Arthritis

Arthritis afflicts millions of Americans. The condition is also considered as a major workforce disability based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When having a certain type of arthritis prohibits the individual from performing sports as well as essential tasks at home and on the job, seeking the latest treatment options could be explored to reduce its symptoms. 

Living with the Condition

AC joint arthritis or shoulder osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that affects the shoulder joints. There are several possible ways to acquire this condition. Aging is one factor for developing AC joint arthritis. Some individuals may also acquire this type of arthritis through traumatic injuries from a previous accident, such as a joint dislocation or cartilage tear. Those suffering from this type of osteoarthritis usually exhibit a wearing down of the cartilage area of the shoulder joints. 

The Arthritis Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy for those living with the condition, describes some of the symptoms associated with shoulder osteoarthritis. These symptoms include pain and swelling as well as stiffness of the joint area. As a result, the pain and swelling could inhibit the movement of the shoulder and arm area and prohibit the individual from performing simple tasks. 

Managing Pain & Other Symptoms

New procedures have also been introduced to address AC joint arthritis. These procedures help with long-term pain management and facilitate mobility. Services such as Shoulder MD describes a range of remedies for those suffering from AC joint arthritis. These include surgical or therapeutic options for addressing pain and bringing back movement to the joint area. 

Treating AC joint arthritis or shoulder osteoarthritis includes a combination of remedies. These include weight and activity management plans to facilitate mobility in the affected area. Pain management plans may also be introduced in conjunction with other treatment plans to help the individual cope with the symptoms. View it now to see what these options are for the specific arthritis sufferer. 

Those with AC joint arthritis do not have to suffer silently in pain. Addressing its symptoms could help those with the condition go through their daily lives. It is important for individuals to live an optimum quality of life, whether at work or at home. The right treatment and pain management options could potentially make this happen. 

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