Keri Newell, Creator of Communication Magic with Men, Featured on Influencers Radio

Keri Newell, the creator of Communication Magic with Men, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. In this interview, she shared how men and women think differently and how this impacts communication between them and, as a result, their relationships.

Keri Newell has been researching, interviewing and working with men and women for fourteen years, studying how they communicate with each other and how this impacts their relationships. Together with her mother, Dr. Sherie Zander, they teach women the intricacies of the differences in how men and women think, using the system they created, Communication Magic with Men.

In the interview Newell says, “We help women understand what they do that is upsetting to men. It’s either degrading or insulting. And it really pushes men away. And it causes them to do the things that we love so much less and less and less. Like cherish and adore us and spend time with us. And romance us. And we don’t even know we’re doing these things. So it’s an understanding of the male mind and what goes on in his brain, because we’re so different.”

Newell does a good job explaining, in simple terms, the physical differences between the male and female brains and how this impacts not only their behaviors, but how they think and speak. Over time, the inadvertent things women say and do can impact their relationships, often leading to divorce. Newell believes that if there was something good in the relationship when it began, that feeling can be brought back and the couple can get the romance back into their lives.

She shares, “You can learn the ways to communicate. You can understand how to have those challenging conversations that don’t have to end up in an argument or don’t have to end up unresolved. When we have challenges in our relationships, especially the romantic ones, it affects our every day. It’s an important piece for us. And it’s one of the differences between men and women.

Men can put things aside and be single-focused. And they can go to work and they might be upset about something, but they can still usually perform. Whereas women, it just affects everything we do. It’s on our mind all the time.”

When women learn the male language, it can change the dynamics of the relationship. Newell points out that they’ve saved marriages that were on the brink of divorce. They’ve brought romance back into relationships and single women that were craving to have a man in their life get married.

Over time, Newell has noticed that women entrepreneurs appear to have a high divorce rate and she has started focusing on helping those relationships, because they have unique challenges.

Newell certainly seems to have the magic touch when it comes to figuring out the differences between men and women, and helping their relationships.

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