Omnidya makes history with the launch of the first platform that allows live negotiating for the service industry

Omnidya, a unique platform to cater to the service industry and brings live negotiating between enterprises and consumers through machine learning will be launching at SXSW 2018

Omnidya is the first of the kind online platform designed to allow live negotiating between businesses and consumers in the service industry, using machine learning. Developed by highly experienced IT expert, Dave Tharsh, with over three decades of experience, the platform is particularly designed to serve businesses in the service industry, which include Insurance, travel, and telecommunications and is set to launch at SXSW 2018.

The internet and IT, in general, have changed the way business and communication are done, with advancements that have made business transactions more efficient. However, one aspect of the business that seems to have been left out even with the advancements in technology is a live negotiation between customers and enterprises. Omnidya is, therefore, changing the game with the launch of the platform that comes with exciting features that make it easy for businesses and consumers to communicate and transact easily and more effectively.

One of the features of Omnidya is the live time counter that is expected to create a hike in consumer purchase confidence, even as it helps businesses to deliver more efficiently and consequently getting additional sales and profits.

The platform is also designed to have a smart relationship management profile, which makes it easier and more effective for businesses to deliver customer-specific needs and ensure the optimal satisfaction of their customers. On the other hand, the platform will generate a customized offer for each consumer based on keywords and history through machine learning and synchronization between consumer accounts.

The primary aim of Omnidya is to establish a platform that creates a win-win scenario between enterprises and consumer by creating efficiency in the market place. Strategic partnerships are currently underway to ensure the objectives are met, and the service industry is developed.

The Omnidya team consists of the founder and CEO, Kumar Patel, seasoned developer of more than 30 years of experience, Dave Tharsh, and Artificial Intelligence specialist, Akshay Vachhani.

The easy to use platform created using hybrid artificial intelligence technology has been described as the Messiah that has come to save the service industry and investors are urged to visit the investor inquiry page for more information. Additional information can also be found on Facebook and Twitter, with a demo video illustrating the platform available on YouTube.

About Omnidya

Omnidya is a creation of Kumar Patel, the founder, and CEO, who has collaborated with IT specialists, Akshay Vachhani and Dave Tharsh, to provide the first of its kind easy to use platform using hybrid artificial intelligence technology to bring together enterprises and consumers in a unique way.

The platform seeks to increase efficiency in the industry by bridging the gap between enterprises and consumers with features such as live time counter, live negotiating, and smart relationship management profile.

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