Cushing’s Syndrome Therapeutics Pipeline Demonstrates Positive Clinical Trial Results

“Cushing’s Syndrome Therapeutics Pipeline Analysis”
Cushing’s syndrome currently exhibits a growing pipeline with 13 drug candidates, P&S Market Research

Orphan drug designations from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is the one of the drivers for the development of pipeline drugs of Cushing’s syndrome. Majority of the pipeline drug candidates are being developed using the oral route of administration. Osilodrostat which is being developed by the Novartis AG is in the Phase III stage of development for the treatment of Cushing’s syndrome.

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The existing drugs that are developed by the various pharmaceutical companies for the treatment of the disease have demonstrated positive clinical trial results, which in-turn is supporting their further development. For instance, Osilodrostat which is being developed by the Novartis AG demonstrated efficacy and well tolerated in the Phase II proof of concept study for the treatment of the Cushing’s syndrome.

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The drug development process involves specific target such as steroid 11-beta-hydroxylase, which is the probable mechanism of action for the treatment of Cushing’s syndrome. Thus, this specific targeted therapy provides opportunities to the companies for better and targeted drug development. Some of the players developing drugs for the treatment of Cushing’s syndrome include Novartis AG, AstraZeneca Plc, Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Angion Biomedica Corp.

Cushing’s Syndrome Therapeutics Pipeline Analysis

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