Blockchain Upgrades Again in 2018, New Financial Order Is Emerging

“Blockchain” is a concept extended from BitCoin, which prospered in 2017, especially in the end of 2017. Medias paid their attention to it and well-known venture capital also declared that the age that all people engage in blockchain is coming.

The rapid development of new financial order never appears alone. It is always closely related to the scientific development, such as the current “forchain”.

If blockchain has only been applied to virtual coin so far and is a decentralized database, “forchain” is the catalyst to upgrade blockchain to a deeper and broader application level. 

Radical change of blockchain: forchain = AI technology + blockchain 

The most advanced AI technology is an intelligent, coordinated and open-sourcing deep system developed on the basis of blockchain and enables blockchain to achieve the natural intelligence evolution like human mind. 

A vivid example is that forchain is the blockchain with “mind”. 

The first major application of forchain is highly intellectualized mining mechanism. Compared to traditional algorithms, forchain can acquire higher mining efficiency and earnings; hence, forchain certainly will become one of the core technologies of virtual coin.

The second application is more flexible artificial intelligent contracts, which perfectly can solve difficult problems in trade contracts, such as development, coding and investigation. 

Intelligent service is another application of forchain. Any bionic intelligent node has a strong ability of intelligent computing, allowing extensive and excellent application of forchain to Internet of Things, logistics and even gambling.

How do average people join in the new round financial revolution and win the bucket of gold while we are still confused about the nascent blockchain? Therefore, ForCoin, a forchain token system, appears. 

ForCoin is a kind of virtual coin by taking forchain as the core algorithm. The global circulation is designed as 210 million. Different from the BitCoin represented by blockchain, ForCoin adopts the method of “private placement” to perform ICO with a minimum of 8000 ETH, according to principles of public, fair and equal chance.

The generation of superintelligence provides welfare for human and optimizes the world constantly. 

If you are hazy about complex blockchain and forchain theories and you really want to take a step forward further in the round of new financial concept revolution, ForCoin is a good choice because it has a broader range of target audience and is more suitable for the public who are ambitious and visionary in fortune.

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