Frederic Sealey Capital Group invests in CRE Tech startup Leasey

Leasey, an Austin based tech startup has successfully managed to raise series A fund from Frederic Sealey, New York-based commercial real estate investor and founder of  Frederic Sealey Capital Group. The startup has been focusing on the different challenges in the real estate world. Leasey has been providing an immense help to landowners as well as the tenants to get good deals in both residential and commercial real estate field. The company is moving away from the manual method of searching potential buyers via referrals and newspapers. The new age digitalization will change the face of real estate market completely.

The company is setting up a defined marketplace where landlords, land and building owners can place the property listing for free of charge. At the same time, buyers can browse and filter the properties by size, location, reviews and also through the previous deals. The aim to allow buyers to get the best of all the deals.

The landlords and homeowners can also cross-check the past records of buyers by accessing their online profile where they can complete all the necessary steps such as total transactions, bank verifications and can read the reviews from previous landlords. This will lead to a very convenient and easy lead for real estate executives at both the sides.  Due to high digital service demands by buyers and sellers, Frederic Sealey took a keen interest and decided to invest in the company. Leasey also came up with the new feature known as Smart Contracts that will reduce the need for hard copies of the documents.

Along with the transparent market, the company also offers an amazing customer service expertise. The buyers can take a virtual tour of the property before scheduling the final visit that will ensure that they do not get surprised at the last moment. The virtual tour will showcase 360-degree panoramic landscape picture of every location in High Definition. This will help in strengthening the trust and credibility between buyers and sellers.

Landlords can further organize a live broadcast where the retailers can ask all the questions on whatever they want to know about. This process helps many people to get their queries answered without having to conduct meetings which can be time-consuming at times for both the parties. During the broadcast, sellers can share important schedules and discussions with the interested buyers. For buyers and owners who do not own professional camera to showcase their properties, Leasey offers photography service from professional photographers who can video record the property. This is an important part because most of the bids are mostly dependent on pictures and videos.  The data analysts review the transactions, property rates on the real-time basis. Leasey is looking launch their beta platform at the end of Q1 2018.

Media Contact
Company Name: Leasey Co
Contact Person: Natasha Piran
Phone: (646) 760-4411
Address:25 Broadway, 9th Floor
Country: United States