Sports & Fitness Apps Are Standard In Humans, Testin Appbase 2017 Best 50 Report

Testin Appbase 2017 best 50 reports Sports and Fitness Apps are standard in humans, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen occupied three quarters thus mobile Apps development synergies.

In 2016, the Chinese State Council issued a plan to implement a national fitness strategy to “improve the physical fitness and health level of the whole nation” by 2020, which ignited passion of developing Mobile Apps in Sports & Fitness Mobile Apps.

Nowadays, doing some exercise with wearable equipment and sharing their sports activities in Wechat moments has become a popular lifestyle among people. These Sports & Fitness Mobile Apps intelligently provide users with science-backed exercise and fitness time according to individual differences , fragmented sports time and hobbies. For example, Keep, the most popular fitness App, which attracted more than 100 million users across China until August,2017. It offers a variety of personalized training courses that let you work out anytime, anywhere. It’s also social, so users can follow each other and share their workout progress to other social media platforms. Most of users would like to pose pictures on Wechat and these pictures are accompanied with the claim that “I completed my exercise today at Keep”.

23 % of Keep’s users live in China’s top five mega cities — Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. And According to Testin’ s AppBase Best 50, the top five Sports & Fitness Mobile App Synergy cities in China are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. The two results are almost identical. The detailed data through continuous follow-up tests, data screenings and investigations by Testin in 2017 is shown in the following figure:

2017 Mobile App Synergy Cities of China
 —— Sports & Fitness

We can learn that benefiting from a large population of university students and white-collars, Beijing and Shanghai are the best Sports & Fitness Mobile App Synergy cities in China. The other three in the top five cities are: Guangzhou, one of the most prosperous city in the south of China;  Shenzhen, one of the most potential cities in China and Hangzhou, a strong economic province along the southeast coast of China . Besides, Chengdu, Hefei and Xiamen are also on the list.

As the largest gathering place of younger generation in China, Beijing and Shanghai are the best choice of enterprises to launched their Sports & Fitness Mobile Apps. The the best App, Keep, which we mentioned above was lunched in Beijing and another popular one called Sugar bean square dancing(糖豆广场舞)is a Square dancing tutorial App. Square dancing lovers can learn the newest dancing movements from videos released everyday. The most famous fitness App launched in Shanghai is Bohe(薄荷).If you’re trying to lose weight or push yourself through a brutal morning workout, Bohe can help. It is ideal assistants for fitness and weight-loss because they are always with us, and they’re quite personal. The Enjoy Run(悦跑圈)is the best fitness App launched by enterprise in Guangzhou. It is a professional App for running record. apps help people overcome barriers like a lack of understanding or organization, which leads to better exercise habits. Over time, these improved habits can mean big changes.You use it to track your runs and and the app collects everyone’s routes and times, breaks them into segments, and then tells you who has the best time along different stretches of roads and trails. If you’re the fastest on the road, every users else near you will know it. Yuedong Sport(悦动圈跑步)launched in Shenzhen is similarly with The Enjoy Run. While it provides users some little award when they finish a project to promote more people to do more exercise. 7swim(趣游泳)is one of the most popular fitness App launched in Hangzhou. It is also the most professional App in swimming teaching and training with swimming community and other related swimming service.

“Nowadays, in many people’s life, opining Weixin sports is the first thing they do after go back home. Weixin sports have already been an essential part of people’s life. It is a symbol of people’s new life. In developed countries, the promotion of sports & fitness applications was begun more earlier and they have more experiences and technologies than Chinese companies.” Mr. Renjie Wang, Testin commentator said and conducted a Sports & Fitness Mobile App survey for the UK and the global market.

 – Google fitness, Google fitness was published by Google. From the moment it was published, its powerful technology support had already decided it will be in a leading position. Only in Google Play, this application has more than 10 million times download. Many users were surprised at its number of functions, accuracy of the data. Now it is one of the most famous sports & fitness applications of UK.

 – Keep, Keep is an application which focus on fitness. It can give its users different plans everyday which are suitable for them, give them have more options. Keep has affected more than 100 million people’s sports habits since it was published in February 2015. From users’ feedback, we can know how do they love this application. Many users said they can not find out another better fitness application for instead, Keep is the best. Keep was one of the App Store annual featured applications of 2015. At the same time, Keep also becomes more and more popular with Britain. In 2017, the amount of Keep users broken 100 million.

 – Samsung Health, Samsung Health is a health application was developed by Samsung Electronics. Depend on British market, Samsung Health also has a high profile. Only in Google Play, it has more than 100 million times download and about 90% users are satisfied with its functions. Many users said it is a perfect sports & fitness application and love it so much. According to Samsung’s popularity in UK, I believe Samsung Health will become the most famous sports & fitness application very soon.

Testin AppBase possesses the world’s largest integrated benchmark database in terms of App market, operations, products and research & development. And all Testin’s customers, partners, invited industry experts and investors can obtain anonymously the Testin AppBase Synergy Report for a specific object generated by the AppBase database. AppBase is the comprehensive index of strength of Mobile App. The following figure is the 2017 annual bulletin of AppBase in Sports and Fitness by Testin. Testin collected data from aspects of Marketing & Operation, Product & Development and Product Strengtheners and divided them into Market Drivers, Synergy and Entrants.

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