Culinary Master Revolutionizes Food World And Makes Corn on the Cob the Entrée

John Baker is a man of many exceptional skills. Not only is he an accountant and a published songwriter, but he is also a graduate of the culinary school at Colorado Mesa University.   While getting his degree in the culinary arts, John focused his efforts on studying corn on the cob dishes, eventually making it the subject of his thesis.  His comprehensive knowledge of this versatile, healthy and delicious vegetable sparked a desire to open his own restaurant—entitled The Corn on the Cobbette Shack—whichh would feature dishes with corn on the cob.

Although much of the culinary world has long considered corn on the cob primarily a side dish, John is willing to bet his illustrious reputation that gourmands around the world have unwisely ignored the appeal of this historically important legume. Using an array of delectable spices like cilantro, garlic, cumin, chili, chives and horseradish as well as flavorful bacon, lime and cheese, John has created a mouthwatering menu of corn on the cob meals. In addition to creating a bevy of outstanding corn on the cobbette dishes, John has also conjured up some innovative new versions of standard side dishes like cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans and corn dogs.

John intends to open the Corn on the Cobbette Shack in Oregon, Boise or Denver, but the ultimate goal is to change how the world views corn on the cob.  He expects the food-loving public to embrace his new dishes and intends to franchise Corn on the Cobbette Shack throughout the country. You could be seeing the corncob with bib overalls and red bandana in your local mall very soon.

If you are passionate about supporting this new idea or would like to soon experience one of John’s culinary masterpieces, please consider contributing to his Kickstarter campaign. In return for your generous support, you may receive perks like a download of the song “The Girl from Haleiwa” or an autographed copy of “The Bad News Culinary Students from Grand Junction, Colorado.”  To learn more about the Corn on the Cobbette Shack or to make a financial contribution to this important project, please visit

John’s journey to becoming a chef and culinary pioneer has included many twists and turns. Only just a few years ago, John was homeless, but pulled himself out of destitution to pursue his dream of serving fine food. He has some popular videos that have collected a throng of followers on YouTube: “The Homeless Bums of Aspen” and “Hole in One off the Water Tower”. His powerful life experience has helped inspire numerous people including his nephew, Machine Gun Kelly, a rising superstar in the world of rap. 

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