Baofeng Boko Cloud and Bit Diamond Entered Strategic Partnership

Bit Diamond Foundation recently reached an agreement with Baofeng Boko Cloud to increase and strengthen cooperation.

Bit Diamond Foundation recently reached a BCN co-operation with Baofeng Boko Cloud to increase BCN blockchain consensus network services cooperation. From now on, both parties will collaborate in many areas such as technology exchange and marketing collaboration. In the next few months, Baofeng’s new shadow hardware, “BFC BokoCloud” will be deployed on BCD full node, so that the Bitcoin Diamond blockchain security and stability can be greatly improved.

Only recently, Bitcoin Diamond main network was launched ahead of tentative launch date, and one of their heavyweight products, Baofeng Boko Cloud project, also reached BCN cooperation. “In the future, Baofeng Boko Cloud will become the first bit-broken blockchain project with a total number of nodes exceeding 100,000 by the end of the deployment of BCN full nodes provided by BFC BokoCloud. At the same time, we are going to launch in a number of well-known global exchanges next month. With the gradual improvement of the ecological construction of BCD, the value of BCD will also be gradually reflected”, said an executive of Baofeng Boko Cloud.

About the Company

Baofeng Boko Cloud is the core equipment of privately watched movies, and its main function is to store private movie source files. At the same time, Bokocloud is also a machine to earn BFC points, which can use idle storage space and bandwidth to help Baofeng series software, third-party CDN business, and third-party blockchain business for large file network acceleration. The deployment of a full-node blockchain network allows users to earn BFC points by sharing unused storage space and bandwidth resources.

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