Qimai Data published the 2017 Top 300 APPs of Strength, most products have had impressive performance overseas

On January 18, the “NextWorld New Ecology Future Summit” initiated by Qimai Data, jointly hosted by Zero2IPO Group, Pintu Media and ZHIQUN and co-hosted by Pedaily.cn, Ebrun, Yemamedia and Innohall was held in Beijing. On the summit, the list of the 2017 Top 300 APPs of Strength was grandly released.

Apps on the list were ordered by strength points, which were obtained by Qimai Research Institute collected from 10 latitudes for selection—downloads on apple store and 9 major android markets, number of user comments, keyword flow, search heat of the APP brand, Baidu index, heat of the social platform and others of the three aspects, namely the APPs’ downloads, the strength of word of mouth among users and the strength of market brand, thus reflecting the comprehensive performance of the APP in this year.


Going abroad has become a common phenomenon for apps, and the oversea list of apps has reached outstanding achievements

Huan Xu, the co-founder and CEO of Qimai Data, provided her in-depth interpretation of the list on the summit. She noted that, among the 300 listed products, 272 were on the overseas App Store, and 187 Apps have covered all of the Apple stores of 154 countries and regions worldwide. High-quality domestic Apps’ entering into the overseas markets has already become a common phenomenon; in the meantime, Chinese developers were increasingly willing to contribute to the “localization” of applications.

Along with the enthusiasm of Chinese developers, many Chinese Apps have reached remarkable achievements in overseas markets. For instance, No.33 on the list—OfoBycicle, which set foot in Singapore market in early 2017, has exceeded the delivery amount of 10 million bikes in the global market in just one year, covering over 250 cities of 20 countries worldwide. According to the global list of Qimai data, the overseas version of OfoBycicle—ofo-Smart Bike Sharing, has once ranked the top on the list of free Apps in Singapore App Store. Another magnate of shared bike, Mobike, has also reached a high position—Top 5–in Singapore App Store. The Meitu App ranking Top 23 on the list is more popular in European and American countries. According to the global data of Qimai Data, in the year of 2017, Meitu occupied the top positions on the App Store general lists of 6 countries (or regions) all over the world, and ranked among top 10 on the App Store general lists of 15 countries (or regions).

BAT have obvious advantages, while dark horse products have offered eye-brightening performances

In the list of the 2017 Top 300 APPs of Strength, we could notice that the Apps of major suppliers still occupied the head part. Among the Top30, Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu (which are called BAT) have taken up half of the positions. The technical and capital advantages brought by their magnate background as well as the good experience and reputation accumulated with veteran products enable them to stand out with dominance.

Also, the phenomenal mobile game Arena of Valor, has continued to input efforts in 2017, taking up the first position on the list of Apps of strength at one stroke. Moreover, its overseas version has been launched in North America at the end of 2017 after been opened to certain Asian and European countries in succession.

It should also be noted that, on the list with a great number of giants, there is no lack of dark horses who have broken through the framework of tight encirclement. 

The upgrading of facial recognition technology and AR technology has supported the overwhelming position of B612 (Top16) and Faceu (Top19) compared with the listed company Meitu Techology. As an “exotic” product from Korea, B612 not only won the hearts of young people in China, but also ranked among top 50 on the App Store general list of more than 10 countries in Southeast Asia according to the global data of Qimai.cn.

Overviewing the list of 2017 Top 300 APPs of Strength, we could still smell the smoke of gunpowder from the ceaseless capital competition and media outlet of mobile internet industry. Array of bikes of different colors disappeared; games that once topped the list submerged after changing of power. However, the industrial innovation stipulated by new technologies, the new opportunities driven by new demands and the new scenarios created by new forms, have also brought vitality to the mobile internet of the year 2017.  

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