Shanghai Metal Corporation Announces To Supply Custom Steel Structure for Light Steel Constructions

Shanghai Metal Corporation can supply custom-made light steel structure that can be used for many types of light and durable steel constructions, such as industrial workshops, warehouses, gymnasium and others.

The light steel structure and framing could be used in many applications in different fields, such as for industrial workshops, for project offices, for warehouses, for gymnasium and other temporary structures. China based Shanghai Metal Corporation supply robust and custom-made steel structures that can be suitable for different applications in many industries.

The company supplies custom steel structure with rock wool sandwich panel that is easy to install and which provide a stable makeshift for different types of usages. The spokesperson of the company reveals that the structure has very high stability with 10 fission resistance and is anti-seismic. They supply steel structures with ISO9001:2008 certification with a quality guarantee for clients to do steel constructions anywhere in the world, even in the seismic zone. The company, however, supplies different types of steel structures that could be useful for different types of applications.

According to the spokesperson, they supply the multi-span, low structure with the light steel framing which could be useful for applications, such as office construction, groceries and other types of stores. Besides, they also have single-span structures that can be used for factories, warehouses, sales centers and other applications that span through a large area. The standard-span construction can be used in large warehouses and gymnasiums with heavy machines, such as cranes and other weight lifting equipments. For clients who are interested to construct a factory can rely on the company’s multi-span light and stable steel construction.

Shanghai Metal Corporation Announces To Supply Custom Steel Structure for Light Steel Constructions

Shanghai Metal Corporation specializes in supplying customized structures and frames for a useful light steel construction on different terrains. They can quickly and efficiently customize the steel structure that can best meet the construction requirements of a client. These steel structures are also suitable for constructing tool rooms, storage units and other types of built-spaces of public importance. The spokesperson maintains that these light steel structures have been used by a number of clients in different locations for years and they are happy about the performance of the construction.

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