The Buzz Stand – Digital Marketing Company in India discusses 5 trends to watch out for in 2018

Every search engine and social media are continuously updating their algorithms to keep up-to-date and provide a better user experience. If you have a website or a business, then you need to adapt to these changes to make the best use of them.

The Buzz Stand shares the list of the latest developing trends in digital marketing which can impact your business.

1) Consumption of more content than ever before – Focus shifting towards video

There has been a tremendous increase in amount of content we consume every day and now this has shifted towards videos. One of the things which people have started doing in the morning is that they have started checking their social media profiles apart from email. They watch videos on their profiles be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Feed.

They watch videos whenever they are free. Now this medium has also made its entry in marketing products. Users like to watch videos learn the features and benefits of the product before purchasing it. Companies now even have installation and support videos apart from the influencer videos to help the users better and this is only going to get bigger in 2018.

If you are still not convinced here are some mind-boggling stats to back it up.

  • You Tube viewers consume billion hours of video every day.
  • More than 8 billion video views are consumed daily
  • More than 82% of Twitter users watch videos on it

These numbers are only growing day by day as the internet is becoming more accessible. More than 60% of YouTube videos are now viewed on mobile.

The Buzz Stand which is a digital marketing agency in India has helped businesses shift their focus to produce high quality and informative videos. They have been successful in doing this and more than 60% of the clients have made an increase in their marketing budget to accommodate video marketing.

2. Growing importance of Social Media

At this point, this is no hidden fact that social media has emerged as one of the cheapest and best methods of reaching out to your prospects. If implemented correctly it can be one of the best strategies which your business has had and can generate revenue for multiple times. But, this also means everyone is trying to catch the bus and competition is increasing.   

The key to success in 2018 would be to engage with audience in a better way. Businesses would need to produce content which is not only unique and of great quality but also which would build long term relations. Try to interact with customers as much as possible. Respond to their comments, have one on one sessions like Facebook Live.

Businesses always have had the idea of having celebrities on board and acting as influencers to sell products. But now this idea seems to be costing more. Businesses can save much more by reaching customers directly or by partnering with people who are not really celebrities but have a good following on social media. Such influencers are more focussed on a category, have better connect with audiences as they answer to customer comments, feedbacks etc. and hence can generate better ROI.

3) EU Data Protection Norms would get stricter

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation is going into effect. GDPR is a law which is being implemented to empower EU citizens and provide them more control over personal data. With this law coming into effect companies would now need explicit consent from individuals. This data can be name, email address, location etc. They would need to inform individual how they plan to use this data.

These laws would be applicable to any business who is trying to collect information about EU citizens. Even if the business is in India, US or somewhere else they would have to comply to this.

4) AI would be more widely implemented

2018 can prove to be the breakthrough year for AI. Voice Search is going to take over from text based searches. In 2017, 1/3 of mobile searches were voice based. Even Google is planning to bring or accommodate for voice algorithm. As a digital marketing agency in India, The Buzz Stand has helped its clients to optimize for voice. This has helped them take early lead and has helped them move higher in for voice searches. If you have a business this is probably the best chance to get the business geared up for voice strategy.

Chatbots is another AI which website owners are going to implement more and more. This would not only help them engage with the audience better, but it can answer their requests without the need of humans. Since, many chatbots are self-learning, they would keep evolving as they interact with humans.

5) The new art of storytelling

“Stories” started gaining popularity when Snapchat introduced it some time back, now other social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have introduced their own versions of “stories”. “Stories” is nothing but capturing and portraying your journey. Be it friendship, marriage or your birthday having these videos create a sense of engagement.

In 2018, this would start getting to shift towards business as well. Businesses could create stories of their relationship with their customers and surprise them. This will not only bring in more loyalty, businesses would gain customers from word of mouth and this can be a successful strategy. Some businesses have already started doing but it would be 2018 when businesses start personalising on social media.

The Buzz Stand has provided digital marketing service in India and abroad to a lot of businesses. Businesses always are on the lookout for something new. If you have one, then using this strategy you can get some great customers forever and too without spending much.

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