The Uber of snow removal. Two brothers revolutionize the snow removal industry

January 18th, 2018 – People looking for snow removal in New Jersey can now rely on Robinson Home Services, an on-demand services platform created by Robinson Home Services LLC. The company is expanding in New Jersey and will be providing affordable snow removal services to the masses through their platform While making this announcement; Samuel Robinson and Daniel Robinson of Robinson Home Services LLC described the company as the Uber of home services. This was in reference to the mobile cab services company Uber, a platform that has revolutionized the way people travel. Samuel said that in a similar manner, Robinson Home Services aims at transforming how services are offered, allowing people to get services done promptly and at an affordable cost.

The company which is owned by two 19 year old brothers, Daniel Robinson and Samuel Robinson describe themselves as “revolutionizing the snow removal industry”. The Robinson brothers mentioned that they recall helping out their local neighbors with snow removal for more than 4 years. Daniel Robinson said “We noticed that there was a void when it came to on-demand snow removal. What if someone could pick up their device, head over to a website, and order snow removal instantly and not have to worry? What if people who do snow shoveling could spend less time looking for jobs and more time shoveling snow?”  According to the Robinson Brothers that’s why they personally created the Robinson Home Services platform from scratch.

On the platform, the customer indicates the area and details of the required snow removal or clearing. The snow clearing technicians move in and offer the required services. It is not only the customers who are benefiting from Robinson Home Services, everyone who owns a shovel or any other snow removal equipment also has an opportunity to make money. To become a shoveler on Robinson Home Services, an individual with a shovel or other snow removal equipment can sign up on the platform at On the Robinson Home Services platform, the snow shoveler will get paid for the jobs done, and no longer have to find work themselves. Samuel Robinson says that the more jobs that a shoveler does the more money they will make. The shoveler can pick and choose the jobs that they want to do. On the topic of payment, Daniel Robinson says that the shoveler has the option to get paid within minutes once their money is available through the platform.

On pricing, Samuel Robinson said that customers have the ability to get snow removal services done at affordable prices as low as $34. The Robinson brothers mentioned their willingness to provide coupons to people who need them so more people than ever before will be able to get snow removal done when they need it, and stay healthy. They also expressed that they believe the Robinson Home Services platform will be beneficial to snow shovelers by allowing them to be their own bosses and make money in their spare time.

Daniel Robinson and Samuel Robinson urged customers and shovelers to sign up on the Robinson Home Services platform so they will be first in line when the platform is available in their area and can start benefiting from Robinson Home Services as soon as possible. They say it’s time to bring affordable snow removal services to those in need, allow snow shovelers to be able to spend more time doing what they love and getting paid for it, and for Robinson Home Services to revolutionize the services industry.

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