Blockchain is no longer just for 90s and 00s generations, UICC Roaring Across the Horizon!

In the 21st century, aging population was an unavoidable topic.

From the global perspective, in the late 19th century, some developed countries in Europe have entered the stage of continuous decline in fertility, and aging began to appear in some countries.

The number of people over 65 in the world has reached 600 million, according to research by the French Reserve Bank Global Asset Management Group. In 2050, the world’s elderly population will triple to 2.1 billion, according to the World Bank. How to solve the pension is not only a family responsibility but also a common concern of the whole society. It is also a problem to be solved in each country in the next 30 years.

Community pension, as a combination of the advantages between home and institutional pension, has emerged and been popular since 1960s, especially in the Asian market, where the family culture is strong. The community pension model is booming.

The biggest advantage of the community pension is its low pension costs. The community introduces professional pension institutions, where the elderly live, eat, live and play, including simple medical services. Compared with the pension institutions where the environment is ordinary, the elderly are not easy to produce the loneliness of being abandoned due to the familiar environment, with a relatively peaceful mood, and it is not difficult to accept the current living situation.

From the global perspective, the future pension model will emerge with the method of the combination between miniaturization and community integration.

The main manifestations of this integration trend are: Pension institutions are rooted in the community, which not only provide services for the elderly living in institutions, but also provide services for the elderly who live in their homes and in the community. They will build and upgrade the hardware of the community care center, add the endowment bed, making it have the function of institutional pension on the basis of providing the elderly in the community with the pension at home and in the community. And with the environmental improvement of the old-age service industry development, the enthusiasm of social capital investment has been improved significantly, and the operation mode of the pension service investment has been innovated. There will be more new technology and technology to promote the rapid iterative updating of the old-age business.

The application of Blockchain technology introduced by UICC makes the community pension model more flexible.

UICC is committed to improving the service level of the whole pension industry from the aspects of research and development, design, preparation and industrial application, bringing the traditional independent industry into the service pension industry, such as Medical rehabilitation, entertainment for the elderly, education for the elderly, foundations for the elderly, re-entrepreneurship for the elderly, migrant pension, matchmaking for the elderly, etc.

UICC includes a series of technologies, such as distributed data storage, consensus algorithm, encryption algorithm, point-to-point transmission network and so on, which makes the data of Blockchain have the characteristics of non-tampering and permanent preservation, enabling different partners to establish a distributed trust mechanism, so as to achieve business model, governance environment, business processes, organizational structure and other perspectives and a series of innovations.

Due to the characteristics of Blockchain, the elderly consumers can pay through digital assets in medical consumption, commodity consumption, advance consumption, insurance and so on, which can both ensure that the data can not be tampered with and solve the problem of convenience and safety for the elderly.

And smart contracts can guarantee contract codes that allow all types of consumption possible by digital goods.

The possible role of the future UICC in the pension community (for example):Now an elderly consumer has a property worth $5 million that needs an insurance company to mortgage and trust. Insurance companies do not need to transfer property value into a certain digital currency (digital assets UICCC) on the Blockchain. Because of the intelligent contract, Blockchain can ensure that the digital assets exist forever Without anyone else’s interference.

According to the contract and market value, we assume that the insurance company pays the elderly $6,000 a month as a living compensation, which can be performed on behalf of the Blockchain. During the data flowing and transaction of the block, it can be received on time according to the agreed time. In the form of mortgage, digital currency and certificate of rights can be converted on the Blockchain. The security and stability of the Blockchain can make the contract be executed automatically and irrevocably.

For the global market, aging population is a new development opportunity. The community pension industry is a ‘big gold mine’, providing a broad market. The purpose of UICC is to promote the transformation and upgrading of the pension industry through the upgrading of technology application to promote consumption and providing new demand for the development of related industries. You will have a finger in the pie in the future of the world’s $400 trillion pension market share!

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