Author Chelsea Dawkins Releases New EBook and Audio Book

Loyal Determined Com LLC, an online book store, has recently announced the debut of Chelsea Dawkins’ new book, “The Everyday Student”.  Dawkins’ work is available in both eBook form and on audio book version as well. 

The book is being offered on-line at

“We are delighted to release Chelsea Dawkins’ new eBook and audio book, ‘The Everyday Student’,” stated a Loyal Determined Com LLC representative.  “It is a great book that we believe will help many readers, especially students.  We are also thrilled that we are able to offer it to the public, so everyone can enjoy it.”

“The Everyday Student” is geared at informing and motivating students, just as the name implies.  Within the book, Dawkins writes about the definition and intent of education.  She also heralds that education is designed to fill the empty mind and praises the advantages that education provides for individuals.  It is a motivating and inspiring piece for those who are, will be, or have ever been a student.

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On the site, Loyal Determined Com LLC, is the brain child of accomplished author, experienced life coach and mental enthusiast, Steve Wilson, a Bristol, Virginia native.  On the site, readers can find books and articles on various topics such as dating, self-improvement and do-it-yourself instructional publications.  Children’s books are also available on the website. 

Along with the books that are offered on the site, articles are regularly posted as well.  Articles range in topics such as dealing with stress effectively, tools to running a successful business and much more.  “The Everyday Student” is one of the latest books on the site to be released and is a hit among readers already.

The site delivers compelling, meaningful and free content to help the readers.  Writers are invited to contribute their thoughts as well. 

To access the eBook or audio book version of Chelsea Dawkins’  “The Everyday Student” or to check out the other books, articles and audio books that are available, visit the Loyal Determined Com LLC website at

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