Bullet Charger are now Available for Purchase on Amazon

January 18th, 2018 – Smart phone owners who are looking for convenient phone charging can now rely on the Bullet Charger. The device which is a fast charging slim pad with a touch of ingenuity is now available in Amazon market. While making the announcement, the founder of Bullet Charger, said that their charger is transforming the way people charge their smart phones adding that they are providing a device that is easy to use and offers great convenience.

For people who face challenges when charging their phone, this is a device that offers convenient and neatness. The product is attractive, fits well with the environment and kind of looks like an iPhone.

It is a lightweight device, making it convenient when on the move. It comes with a slim design making it easily portable, unlike the other chargers which may occupy a lot of space and have a design which makes it hard to pack with some items in fear of breaking or damaging them.

When it comes to charging, the company founder says that it is a fast charging device, if your phone has run out of power and you don’t have enough power to make an urgent call. “It will charge fast and allow you to continue with your business,” said the company founder while adding that it ranks as one of the fastest charging pads in the market. It has no competition when it comes to phone charging, you will be getting yourself a device that will not disappoint when it comes to emergency charging,” said the company while adding that those who would like to get this amazing product can visit Amazon.

For more information visit www.bulletcharge.com

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