GH-Bill, ClickDirectPay and the Financial Payment Industry

The payment industry in Europe and other parts of the world is growing. With advancements in technology giving birth to a plethora of effective yet affordable payment options, industry players are introducing different projects and products to ensure their clients get maximum satisfaction. From the use of credit cards to the emergence of ewallets and the recent advent of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the payment industry has gone through several cycles of evolution.

The story of the European payment industry will be incomplete without a mention of Global Humax. Since making an entrance into the industry almost a decade ago, the company has grown to become one of the trusted industry leaders, with a wide range of services. While the company’s main business field consists of credit card processing service solutions in all EU/EEA countries as well as the issuing, managing and distributing white-label co-branding prepaid MasterCard products and ewallets, the company has made its mark in the cryptocurrency space.

GH has it also referred to as offers a Finance Gateway PCI DSS as well as a comprehensive set of proprietary web-based admin systems to process transactions for a wide variety of markets. The company’s drive for excellence especially towards helping its clients achieve effectiveness and cost-efficiency have been demonstrated with the use of the blockchain technology in reducing payment costs for merchants. offers online merchant accounts to companies, consequently paving the way for its merchants to accept credit card payments. Global Humax has also provided companies with several financial payment products. The recent utilization of the blockchain technology for online payments through its online payment option, ClickDirectPay, signals GH’s drive for excellence.

The blockchain technology has been making waves in recent times, with the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other such digital currencies adding to the popularity and acceptance of the technology. The features and benefits of the technology have made it a toast of financial payment service providers, particularly those in the online payment sector. Therefore, it is not surprising that industry heavyweights like GH are tapping into the technology to create affordable and efficient products.

ClickDirectpay is a new innovative payment option available in Europe, and is a subsidiary of the publicly traded from GH Capital Inc OtcQB: (GHHC). ClickDirectPay, otherwise known as CDP, will allow for seamless cryptocurrency payments for shoppers, collaborating with merchants across the globe to integrate cryptocurrencies in the online shopping experience.

With the increasing popularity and acceptance of Bitcoin and other forms of digital currencies, one can hardly argue the fact that GH and ClickDirectPay are taking a giant step in the right direction. The advantages of the use of cryptocurrency and CDP cannot be overemphasized.

Privacy and identity theft protection and the decentralized nature of the technology that ensures no one is in control of transactions are some of the many advantages of cryptocurrency.

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