OTR foods make life easier by providing delicious, healthy foods “on the run” in Toronto

OTR foods make life easier by providing delicious, healthy foods “on the run”.   You can get fresh, pre-cooked meals delivered to your doorstep, twice a week, free of charge.  OTR has a weekly meal planner available that makes it fun to customize and plan weekly meals.

With an OTR membership one will become self-educated and become involved in the way the health industry is understood, through a series of newsletters and blogs, and delivered to the public.  You can learn how to live and eat a healthy lifestyle without the time consuming it takes to count calories, carbs, proteins, sugars, and fats.  OTR will do all that for you!

OTR meals are made with non-GMO products, as well all food is hormone-free.  You can be confident in knowing that the food you eat from OTR meals will provide your body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs, and nothing else. The produce grown for OTR is locally sourced and is the freshest possible, in which it will support each member’s choice for a healthier lifestyle.

As a member of OTR meals, you will receive member loyalty bonuses, which has a referral program, internal promotions and contests.  You can use the OTR referral program to help your friends and family also begin to life a healthier lifestyle, one meal at a time.

As a member of OTR meals, you can enjoy the benefits of having healthy foods delivered right to your doorstep.  Gone will be the days of “What’s for dinner tonight?”  OTR meals will help you plan this, during your weekly meal planning day. Plan the week’s menu and order the food; then just wait as each delivery to comes to you.  It’s really that easy.

If all this seems like something you might be interested in doing, take a moment to reach out to OTR meals, you can send an email to menu@otrmeals.com or call 416-985-7116, and speak with one of the OTR Ambassadors from OTR meals about how you can start a membership today.

OTR meals has several different meal plans to choose from.  There is the “balanced meal” which consists of such meals as the “Greek Beef Burger – this is a lean beef burger served on a bed of fresh spinach, topped with caramelized red onions, fresh tomatoes, paired with oven baked pepper and oregano potato chips a side of Tzatziki sauce.”

About OTR Meals:

OTR Meals has a belief that being healthy is more than just the food we eat.  OTR feels it is imperative that people are educated in how to optimize the way to eat healthy.  OTR customizes this healthy experience and this is what separates them from other meal planning services.

OTR Meals makes their members feel comfortable that the way their meals are sourced and prepared is safe and healthy.  By allowing the members to create their own meal plans, it gives the member the opportunity to tailor plan exactly to their needs.  Looking for a diet that is low or high in carbs or protein?   OTR Meals makes planning these meals simple to do, the member just needs to choose what they want to eat and OTR will do the rest. 

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