The American Made Chevy and GM Community Celebrates All Things Chevy And General Motors

ATLANTIC BEACH, FL – January 18th, 2018 – Lovers of American-made cars can rejoice. The American Made Chevy and GM Community, a thriving community of those that have long wished for a group of like-minded individuals that know how to appreciate a good ol’ Chevrolet or GM car made on American soil.

Founded by Chevy Williams and “The Internet Guy,” two Bowling Green, Kentucky natives and childhood best friends, the Community has all the hallmarks of a labor of love, as its two creators share their passion for the two most emblematic American automakers with thousands of fellow car enthusiasts from across all 50 states, and from all around the world.

The Community, which is in no way affiliated with GM or Chevrolet, already counts thousands of members, while its membership is growing with each passing day, as more and more GM and Chevrolet lovers discover the social network and become part of the growing group.

“We are just two Kentucky boys who grew up brothers from other mothers who want to give the Chevy community a hub for everything America. What makes America great? The same thing that makes Chevrolet and General Motors great… Community” said Mr. Chevy Williams, co-founder of the American Made Chevy and GM Community.

“The Internet Guy and I just want to gather our people, the Chevy community. We want to use the money for giveaways and prizes in online media platforms like this. We want to give back to the community we love.”

As Chevy Williams and “The Internet Guy” build the community they are giving back to its members, by hosting completely free games and giveaways with cash prizes, gift cards, and even the chance to win a 2018 Corvette. Anyone wishing to keep up with all new prizes, raffles, and contests, should like The American Made Chevy and GM Community Facebook page, and visit back often, to be among the first to know about all new promotional efforts.

Those interested in becoming members of the American Made Chevy and GM Community can do so quickly and easily by filling in the appropriate registration form found here.

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