Breakthrough Program That Helps Men Last Longer In Bed Receives Doctor Trusted Certification

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Premature ejaculation is a silent cause of anxiety and stress for millions of men around the world. James Woodford, sex educator and respected author recently received Doctor Trusted Certification for his hugely successful Longer Sex Manifesto.

James Woodford, eminent sex educator and author of The Longer Sex Manifesto announced today that his unique training program showing men how to last longer in bed has received a Grade ‘A’ Doctor Trusted Certification.

This is great news for men suffering from premature ejaculation problems. Research shows that early ejaculation of 1 minute or less only affects around 30% of men. However it appears the problem may be much larger than previously reported. Clinical studies now show that women on average take 12-15  minutes to reach orgasm while men take just 4-8 minutes. With such a large gap it’s little wonder this silent problem has become such a major cause of anxiety and frustration for many men.

Thankfully, the breakthrough natural program called The Longer Sex Manifesto teaches men step-by-step how to make sex last longer than the average few minutes – or even seconds in many cases – without any pills, devices or creams. Mr Woodford, says his program is bringing welcome relief to thousands of men around the world due to his unique 7 day program. Designed specifically to eliminate the mental and physical aspects of premature ejaculation, the results so far have been staggering. 

Best of all, Mr Woodford announced today that the program has also been awarded a Grade ‘A’ Doctor Trusted Certification. This means the program has been thoroughly evaluated by independent medical doctors to be based on ethical and sound scientific based advice. It also means that consumers can feel safe knowing that the program meets strict guidelines after being reviewed by an independent medical Consumer Protection Body.

Mr Woodford also emphasized that the program has been scientifically designed so that men of all ages can enjoy the benefits of modern science by following this simple program. 

Mr Woodford was visibly excited to announce The Longer Sex Manifesto program being awarded the Doctor Trusted certification. “The Longer Sex Manifesto program has passed a strict review process by an independent medical doctor, which is great news for men who suffer from premature ejaculation.” He also noted, “The Longer Sex Manifesto is now the Original Doctor Trusted program for men with premature ejaculation problems. There’s a real art to lasting longer during sex. Most men are never taught or even made aware of the correct methods for sexual control. From the way you breathe, to the way you relax and tense your body at the right time, it all affects your bedroom stamina.” says Woodford. “But even more important is your mental control. The mind is the body’s largest sex organ, so if you don’t get your thoughts and mental processes under control, then your sexual performance suffers”.

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