How CharmDate Sees the Coming Marriage of Prince Harry and Megan Markle

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Despite a marriage that involves families of quite different backgrounds, the world cheers on Prince Harry and Princess-to-be Megan. For CharmDate Members, you can also find your prince or princess in 2018 as long as you persevere, and let love blossom!

British Royal Family Prince Harry is engaged! As a child of Princess Diana, William and Harry grew up in a world of attention from an early age, and their every move affects the hearts of the world. Now, they have finally grown up. Prince Harry followed the footsteps of the married Prince William and found the promise of love and life in his heart. It is reported that his fiancée is the American TV show actor Megan Markle. The two were introduced to by their common friends and just fell in love. It has now been a year and a half since and this happy man and will have another world-renowned wedding in in May 2018.

The two held hands during a 10-20 minute interview with the BBC, and because Megan was an actress, she was comfortable talking in front of the camera. Both said their relationship has always been very smooth and they have never spent more than two weeks apart. Both of them are also able to accept each other for who they are and accommodate each other. This is the secret of their relationship. They have a lot of things in common – they are public figures, all love public welfare and the environment. They are such a sweet couple, which is what makes us look forward to their wedding even more!

Speaking of marriages, in fact, the princess-to-be Megan has already had experience in this field, with her ex-husband Trevor Engelson, a film producer, who she had a two-year marriage with. However, the British Royal Family, who has long been known for its dignified traditions, has accepted this. Moreover, as Megan works in the entertainment industry, there have quite different backgrounds. But in any case, true love can overcome these obstacles. As long as the prince and princess are happy, the royal family should also give them their best wishes.

Despite such a marriage that involves families of quite different backgrounds, the world cheers them on and is happy for them. In the new year, no matter whether you’ve been heartbroken once or suffered painful crushes, brave up in 2018! Confess your love to the one you like or love, give them a surprise! Go to now and use our diverse services, including EMF mail, Live Chat, Virtual Gifts and call service to find the real ‘Prince’ or ‘Princess’ for you. Let love bloom in 2018!

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