OTM Capital Passes 57M USD In Liquidity

OTM Capital has been in operation since 2005, slowly gaining traction in Europe prior to changing their market focus to SE Asia. Over the last year the company doubled their growth leading to a massive break for the company.

“We have been focusing attention into using innovative technologies over the last 3 years, using AI to help manage trading operations and fund management,” said Tony Strauss, Chief Strategy Officer of OTM Capital


Mr. Strauss continues in saying, “This technology isn’t new but the requirements to access it in the past were steep.  Using a disruptive business model we have been able to kick out the ladder from those requirements, much to the dismay of traditional fund managers.”

“We are happy to announce that we paid out just over 70M USD to investors in 2017.  We are really pushing to see that hit 90M USD in 2018.”

The company is continuing to grow 15% month over month and in 2018 will be shifting from an aggressive growth mindset into a more conservative management mindset in order to rebalance portfolios while maintaining their current, active portfolio.

Media Contact
Company Name: OTM Capital
Contact Person: Mr. Tony Strauss
Email: cs@otmcapital.com
Phone: +45 3699 2772
Country: Denmark
Website: http://www.otmcapital.com