Crypto-Games is more than just another Bitcoin casino

Crypto Games
A new player in Bitcoin gambling industry has arrived and fulfilled expectations.

The term crypto-currency was given to the digital or virtual medium of exchange. The crypto currency was launched in 2009 and the first currency was bitcoin. The first trading was a hit, as people liked the concept of using the money digitally and much more easily than the offline world. It’s a secure way to use money as crypto currency is protected by cryptography, which makes the fraudery very difficult.

Now, after the initial hit of the bitcoin, the developers developed many other coins, two ot them are litecoin and the dogecoin. The two new versions of coins were the modified version of the last one.

The leading website, which provide one of the best user friendly platform is One enter with this website in the address bar will open up the online slot machine which will be ready-to-go at any time. The game is web-based, which means that it can be easily played in any web browser that supports Javascript, and that it does not require any download and installation.

The main selling point of  Crypto-Games is its ability to give Crypto users the opportunity to enjoy playing slots online. This, however, is not the typical slot machine, because it has four reels and only one pay line. Therefore, catching the winning combinations may seem a little challenging, but the rewards for each line win is something to be happy about.

Being able to instantly play the game in the browser is a neat feature, but this Crypto betting site further ensures convenience by not requiring you to register for an account. This means that none of your personal details will ever be needed, promoting anonymous betting. However, this setup requires you to take note of the unique ID provided. Once the cookies are deleted after 14 days, there will be no alternative method to access your account, even if it still has remaining funds.

So spinning the slot machine is not the only way which earns money for the user, but the referral system provided by the website is a promoter too. When a player creates a referral link through which other players join the profit game. Then the new referral undergoes the same procedure and spinning starts. Then the total of 25% of the share of the profit and losses is what the player gets.

Now, as the spinning software is totally legitimate and secured, the only thing which can pop up in any user’s mind is the winning chances. How many spins it will take him to gain some profit, which indeed is not fixed, but when we talk about the probability of winning its 43.9%, which indeed is quite high when talking in regard with spinning. Slots work on principle of payout. Out of all payments in coins, Crypto-games pays out 87,2%. may seem just like another online slot machine, but this is already a step toward better cryptocurrency gambling.

So spin it and increase the weight of your pocket. 

Crypto Games

Crypto Games

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