Mario Kfoury’s new book “Coffee Shop University” receives a warm literary welcome

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Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Coffee Shop University: A Book about Mythology, Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Politics, Economics and the Ecology… by Mario Kfoury is a nonfiction read that deals with powerful existential, religious, philosophical and realistic themes. The book reads like the author’s mental journey; its confrontation with the harsh realities of life, a departure from mainstream contemporary culture to adopt a solution-oriented mindset. In this book, the author shares personal experiences and combines Western thought with Eastern philosophy and spirituality to compel readers to look reality in the face, opening their eyes to dread truths about human nature, and offering reflections on topics such as existence, change, conflict, truth, well-being, purpose, and many things in between.

This is a book that will appeal to philosophers, theologians, moralists, and sociologists, a multidisciplinary book that is intelligently written, thought-provoking and laced with deep insights. Every page is filled with astounding wisdom. The author interacts with life and with philosophers from the beginning of the history of human thought, featuring Socrates, Plato and many others. Mario Kfoury makes relevant references to great thinkers like the Tao, Albert Einstein, Dharma, and many others.

I was particularly excited by the depth of thought and the clarity of expression. For instance, about war, for instance, he states: “Any fight, no matter the form or style, is a balance of stamina, distance and timing.” A bit further down he observes that war is nothing other than an individual fight on a collective scale and it never reaches a final verdict nor a perfect settlement. I learned that the greatest victory is one that requires no battle. Coffee Shop University: A Book about Mythology, Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Politics, Economics and the Ecology… is a book for readers who want to take life seriously and who love to indulge in mental labor. The writing is excellent and accessible and the ideas are expressed with vivid clarity and simplicity of phrase.”

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