Addiction Treatment Center For Men – Vancouver\’s Premier Addiction Rehab Center for Men

Everyone has a different version of what “rock-bottom” means to them. When someone reaches their all-time low, it can be difficult to find the motivation to rebuild a life once considered broken. Many consider the idea of “rehab” scary, but the Addiction Treatment Center for Men has a goal to inspire change and to rebuild the lives of those that were thought lost.

The Addiction Treatment Center for Men is a male-only, high-end addiction treatment facility. Why male only? It has been proven that co-ed sober housing can deter patients from their overall goals and desires to become healthy. Relationships can occur in sober living housing, and one of the first and most important steps in sobriety is to stay out of a relationship until sobriety is no longer a goal, but a reality. Additionally, the male-only environment allows many men to feel more comfortable opening up about the challenges they are facing.

For those who are looking to make a change, the Addiction Treatment Centre for Men makes it a simple process. Patients need only bring their daily necessities such as clothing and toiletries, along with any required documentation including a birth certificate and medical documents. When joining this team of sober living, patients may be asked to leave a few things behind, including their laptop and cell phone, but the Addiction Treatment Centre for Men encourages patients to bring personal items such as books, art supplies, or recreational items, as well as family photos and mementos, as they can have a positive impact on recovery.

The scariest part of getting help is not knowing what to expect, but The Addiction Treatment Centre for Men meets with all patients and their families to show them around the facility and introduce them to the staff that will be working closely with the patient. All belongings will be searched to ensure all requirements are met and nothing that can deter recovery is in the patient’s possession. From there, a chance to unpack and settle into the room provided is offered and a meet and greet with the fellow residents takes place. There is an option for one-on-one counselling and contact with close family members will happen shortly after to update them on the well-being of the patient.

About Addicting Healing Centre

Any addiction, big or small, is treated here. If the patient wants to find sobriety it starts with them, but the number one cause for addicts not getting the help they need is having no support system. Support is the biggest factor in recovery and it is their goal to make their residents feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. They offer clean and comfortable rooms, licensed therapists, gourmet meals, psychologists, fitness classes and yoga classes.  Don’t hesitate to call or inquire online, The Addiction Treatment Center For Men works night and day to ensure the well being of those in need.

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