A Free Ride Style for the Aged – Airwheel H3S Smart Electric Wheelchair

Speaking of its latest achievements, the C8, R6, R8 and H3S are all worth your attention. Today’s attention is paid to Airwheel H3S Folding Electric Power Wheelchair which can help the old solve the problem of daily travel and help them keep up with times.

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Airwheel is always a hardcore advocate of free and joyful lifestyle to help riders achieve wildest personal values. This is why Airwheel becomes the leader of this market. Speaking of its latest achievements, the C8, R6, R8 and H3S are all worth your attention. Today’s attention is paid to Airwheel H3S Electric Wheelchair, a handle controlled electric wheelchair.


As is said, there are one thousand Hamlets among one thousand readers. There are also one thousand top-one e bikes among one thousand riders. Someone likes unicycles; someone prefers two-wheeled scooters. But many senior citizens have limited choices when speaking of the daily transports. That’s why so many users love H3S lightweight folding wheelchair. Traditional wheelchairs have already had some customers and supporters in the market now.

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While in this new age, the old also are fond of smart gadgets. H3S is equipped with a smart joystick to realize all controls. Push it forward, it will go forward, to left and go left. It will automatically brake when your hand doesn’t touch the controller, which is super easy to control. Its seat made of double honeycomb mesh breathable material, is wear-proof and durable. The longer you sit, the more comfortable you feel and large wheels make travel smooth and safe.


At the crowded crossroad, when people are looking forward to the public bus, riders just need to step on H3S automatic electric wheelchair to the destination easily. The small size and strong power can save time cost to the most extent. Multiple folding systems enable portability and convenience. It is easy to fold by pressing one button due to the automatic folding design. How can one refuse such a high-quality, good performance Airwheel H3S which can help you manage the time efficiently? Users are expecting to have a better travelling with electric scooters and Airwheel H3S smart electric wheelchairs is born for customers to have a safer, more intelligent and unique journey.

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