Lawyer Honored As the Best Prenuptial Agreement Attorney New York

Storobin Law Firm PLLC is glad to announce that their Founding and Managing Partner, former Senator of the State of New York, David Storobin, has been awarded the honor of the best prenup lawyer New York.

The award came as recognition of the good work that he and his firm have done over the last years in helping thousands of couples draft prenuptial agreements that were favorable to both parties and that scaled through easily in court. His firm has helped couples avoid divorces that left either party feeling cheated. Couples in the State of New York have used their services and have found that they know their onions. The firm’s experience and mastery of the drafting of prenuptial agreements have been proven over and over again in court. The firm prides itself on the fact that it has never had a prenup rejected or argued against in the court.

Storobin Law Firm PLLC was founded by David Storobin, a seasoned Lawyer, and a former Senator the United States representing the State of New York. The firm has experts in different specialized areas of Law. They have a proven track record that has not been rivaled in New York. They are well known for their thoroughness, warmness, and attention to details. Their clients also know them as a firm that pays attention to the human side of the work. The firm has also had a tremendous amount of success as the prenup attorney New York and in helping draft thousands of prenuptial agreements that have been successful in the court of law. They are happy to announce that they have the expertise, the track record, and the knowledge they need to be the prenup lawyer NY that anyone could ever want.

Speaking after receiving the award, David Storobin, the Founding Partner of the firm was quick to reaffirm that their services are “accessible, reliable and cost-effective.” He said the reason why they have had so much success where others have failed is that they “pay attention to details and we know what to put in a prenup that would make it perfect. We know what the Judges want, and we know every angle that lawyers may want to take to argue against it, and we make sure that they are all blocked. We have perfected the art of prenuptial agreement, and this award is a dedication to that.” Some of the people who have used the services of the firm as their preferred prenup attorney NY have also said a lot of raving things that corroborated the claims of the Founding Partner of the Firm. One of them, T.E. Godreaux, said, “David performed as if I was his most important client.” He also talked about how he made him feel proud of his decision to use the services of the firm. The respected New York Supreme Court Justice, Joseph Silverman, called David Storobin “a great asset to the legal profession who diligently represents his clients.” 

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