Baking and Confectionary Machine Company – Apex Machinery and Equipment Company, LLC. Announces Updated Website

China – January 22th, 2018 – Leading international baking machinery company Apex provides production line and packing equipment to bakers and confectioners all over the world. They work with brands in the U.S.A, Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, South East Asia and China.

Finding the perfect equipment for your factory is not easy. Understanding the specifications and determining which machines will function well together takes time and requires that there is a clear and detailed set of specifications available. Having to call up the manufacturer in order to determine whether a machine may be suitable for your needs wastes time, and makes the job more difficult than it should be.

Apex Announces Updated Website

Apex understands that confectioners and bakers would prefer to browse the list of machines available then consider their layout, volume requirements and packing needs before taking the next step and contacting the equipment makers. For this reason, they have redeveloped their website to offer better, clearer information. Their new website includes a comprehensive list of the products that they sell, with clear photographs and detailed specifications.

The new website for Apex Machinery and Equipment Company, LLC is live now. The website provides an at-a-glance look at all of the machines on offer, and interested parties may view it at

Machines for Every Product

Apex provide equipment for hard biscuits and soda biscuits, cookies, and soft biscuits as well as a range of other products including food drying machines and more. Following on from the news that Apex announces updated website, they are committed to producing the best and most innovative products possible.

About Apex Machinery & Equipment Company

Apex has been manufacturing food processing, automation and packing equipment for more than ten years. The company produces machines for biscuits, sandwiches, confectionary, cartoning and packing and has several factories in China and a partnership with a US company.

Over the last few years the company has invested heavily in technological improvements to ensure the best in reliability and efficiency. They produce machines which can work together, to offer on-line production and packaging, saving time and money for the production line.

Apex offers whole systems, and their goal is to offer food companies huge efficiency savings. Details of all of the machines that they supply can be found on their website, and the machines can be exported to the US and most other international markets. The sales team would be happy to discuss the production line requirements of individual factories, including volume/pieces per hour production requirements, size, feed type, automation, cust, and more. The reliable machines offer a range of different configurations to allow each food brand to produce their own tailored cookies, biscuits or wafers, at almost any size and shape, and with high production rates and minimal day to day maintenance required.

Bakers and confectioners that are interested in purchasing machines for their production line are encouraged to explore the website.

Alternatively, email to discuss your requirements.

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