Launched The New World Of Video Challenges

The new site is set to take people on a ride and challenge them to come out of their comfort zone and take on some amazing tasks. For those that want to sit back and see some of the most trilling challenges ever to be filmed then this is the place to visit.

The main idea behind website is, to give place for a lively, thrilling, engaging online community who love high-tech, sport, art challenge videos and more.

The site is designed to attract both the most adventurous people addicted to videos, and the most fascinated audience who enjoy video competitions. is a new social media hub, where anyone can create, join, and vote for video challenges for free. However it’s open for professionals also for starting entry-fee challenges, where the winning Post get’s $ prize. Winning is easy, it’s about attracting attention and getting jamits.

The site is very simple to use. Visitors can register with either their Facebook account or their email address. They are provided with a Profile page to follow their activity. To join a challenge needs only a video Post (a youtube video’s URL link).

The creators of the site wanted to create a platform, where any performance can be judged by a friendly audience without negative comments or feedbacks. They also wanted to create a community site where visitors always find entertaining content, and talents win public recognition. is a new platform for hidden talents to show their skills in a rewarding online environment. Why is that rewarding? Because there is two ways to appreciate the talents: one is to mark them favorite, and the other one is to give them jamits that is a kinder expression for votes. What is really fun about, that those who give many jamits are also rewarded for their generosity:

For professional users it is possible to start entry fee ‘ticket’ challenjams were participants pay an entry fee (1ticket= $2,89) and the winner gets $ prizes! The prize depends on the number of tickets set by the starter(entry-fee) and the number of participants. The starter has a share in the prize (approx10%) See FAQ:

There are many interesting challenjams on the site from Travel videos, Drone racings or Timelapse art to Freerunning, Snowboarding and Speed drawing.

There are also many ways to enjoy this promising new entertainment and community site.

Visit and be part of the newest wawe!

About is a new world that sets to challenge people to do amazing things. The site is set to be one of the most thrilling communities of challengers.

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