ZJL Distributed Factoring Network builds up a valuable enterprise credit ecological network

Based on ethereum smart contract, ZJL Distributed Factoring Network devotes itself to building up an enterprise credit grading ecological network and realize enterprise credit self-proving, calculating and grading.

ZJL Distributed Factoring Network (ZJL) is a decentralized enterprise credit grading ecological network on the basis of ethereum blockchain to provide a community platform of saving information on blockchain, accumulated credit and enterprise self-proving for certain qualified enterprises by employing smart contract technology. It spares no effort to solve the industry pain points of financing difficulty and financing expensiveness caused by failures of accumulation of enterprise credit and self-proving due to the kidnapping of enterprise credit in centralized conventional supply chain finance by institutions, as well as prompts optimized allocation of resources. 

ZJL Distributed Factoring Network will realize the interflow and circulation of enterprise credit among different industries and fields to activate the development vitality of the entire social ecology by taking the receivable factoring of core enterprises as the entry point.

The economical ecology of ZJL Distributed Factoring Network consists of decentralized credit system from bottom layer and financial business from application layer. The bottom credit network is the infrastructure to link credit and value, and on top of that, business process is reconstructed to improve service efficiency and solve the financing difficulties of small and medium enterprises with pilot application of low risky receivable factoring of core enterprises.

Users can obtain initial credit index from ZJL platform when their uploaded information are validated. Credit values can be acquired by uploading daily information, completing validation, and starting factoring business. Moreover, all information and performance of factoring business of users saved on ZJL platform will be recorded faithfully and uploaded to ethereum blockchain for preservation eventually.

ZJL platform will assess enterprises’ credit rating comprehensively according to information saved by users. Credit rating will establish global credit identifications for enterprises and also will affect enterprises’ financing limit of receivables on ZJL platform.

On ZJL Distributed Factoring Network platform, users can publish verifiable claims, which is a kind of claim attached with private key signature, consequently, leading to characteristics of non-repudiation and tamper-resistance. Content of verifiable claim is not confined.

Daily routine of ZJL Distributed Factoring Network is under the management of ZJL Fund. ZJL Fund was set up by ZJL founding team and officially registered in Singapore in January 2018. As an independent non-profit entity, the fund is responsible for ZJL community with primary objectives of popularizing and developing ZJL Distributed Factoring Network ecology.

ZJL Distributed Factoring Network hopes to build an evolutionary credit evaluation model by means of blockchain technologies; objectively evaluate enterprise credit index, construct transparent and reliable enterprise credit system and expand enterprise credit value by utilizing multi-dimensional and multi-layered enterprise information; jointly establish larger business reputation of the entire society through the accumulation of credit values of enterprise individuals.

You are welcome to know more about ZJL Distributed Factoring Network, and together create more trust and embrace the new age of blockchain. Our website is www.ZJLETH.com.

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