Kindred Quarters Creates Co-Living Spaces for Entrepreneurs to Incubate Success

SAN DIEGO, CA – January 22nd, 2018 – Pursuing entrepreneurship is a consuming endeavor, forcing those who choose the lifestyle to forget or lack the time to worry about the simplest things like cooking, cleaning, paying bills, shopping and more. Kindred Quarters, the new venture of serial entrepreneur Christine McDannell, is finding a solution to this by curating an atmosphere and assembling a team surrounding the entrepreneurs that leave them primed for success. Kindred Quarters is co-living spaces that brings together like-minded individuals and boasts the inclusion of all amenities: beautiful fully-furnished homes, a personal assistant and a private chef, leaving these entrepreneurs with nothing to worry about other than growing and nurturing their businesses.

The first Kindred Quarters, The Entourage House, launched on Nov. 1, 2017. The gorgeous home resides in the beautiful neighborhood of Mission Hills in San Diego, and is already brimming with dreams, ideas and successful entrepreneurs ready to go for the kill.

“Kindred Quarters is an incubator for success. It is designed to bring great entrepreneurs together to make them AMAZING. Every aspect of the house is designed to assist you in reaching your fullest potential and get to the level that you have been dying to reach!” explains McDannell, who recently sold her latest venture, Eco Chateau, two luxury wellness spas in San Diego.

Word of Kindred Quarters has spread faster than expected and recently earned praise from Richard Branson who featured McDannell and the new venture in one of his blog posts: “We caught up and I heard about her latest adventures, including a company called Kindred Quarters that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to live together and share living costs, cleaners, cooks and personal assistants.”

Kindred Quarters not only brings entrepreneurs together to share their highs and lows, but it also lets them Mastermind every Monday night to share their hustles and secrets of reaching the next level. Each house comes with a personal chef who prepares power-charged meals ready in advance to take the burden of cooking away as well as a personal assistant available to do anything and everything each individual needs to keep their focus entirely on business. The rooms are kept fully furnished, and there is a pool, Jacuzzi, custom bar, basketball court and home theater to relax or keep the adrenaline pumping.

After receiving such enthusiastic feedback in a short time period, Kindred Quarters is now spreading its wings. The upcoming homes will launch in San Diego on Feb. 16 and in Los Angeles on March 1. Talks are also underway to go beyond the United States and venture into Melbourne, Australia and Thailand.

McDannell is a serial entrepreneur who has already started, ran and sold seven companies in the past 14 years, including two six-figure exits. Christine has been honored with numerous awards through the years for her accomplishments, including the Small Business Administration 2009 Business Person of the Year. One of her companies, Cleanology, made the list for Entrepreneur Magazine‘s 100 Most Brilliant Companies in 2010.

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