Ibrahim Al-Haidos Announces Fursan’s Newest Venture – Men’s Leather Accessories

22 Jan, 2018 – The Qatari fashion scene is bracing itself for another game-changing release from the locally (and globally) renowned fashion label Fursan. Founder Ibrahim Al-Haidos has excited the industry by recently announcing that Fursan will be expanding to the highly competitive men’s accessory market.

Fursan is set to release their new line of products in 2018, all of which will be made from the highest quality genuine leather and exotic skins. Initially, the line will include wallets and card holders.

Ibrahim Al-Haidos says: “When it comes to men’s fashion statements, there is possibly no other accessory that says more about a man than where he keeps his cash and his cards. The modern discerning gentleman wants to show the world that he is dashing, elegant, quintessential and has a great sense of style all at the same time”.

Fursan’s existing range of products already combine the pure essence of elegance and sophistication (on both their men’s and women’s ranges), and this new line of male leather accessories promises to continue that trend even further.

The stunning wallets and card holders that are soon to be released have had no expense spared in their design, materials, and craftsmanship. Countless hours of research and prototyping has gone into each of the new products. Every step of the design process has been painstakingly repeated time and time again to ensure that iconic look (that can only be described as “Fursan”) is as perfect as expected.

The materials used in the construction of the accessories are more than worthy of the immense amount of time and resources that were put into their design. Ibrahim is hand-picking the leathers and exotic skins from tanneries that are most famous for supplying the best quality leather for luxury and Grade A brands.

With all this time and energy spent on design and materials the artisanal craftsmen who make Fursan’s products have a huge job on their hands. Ibrahim and Fursan take quality control extremely seriously, only perfection is considered to be acceptable – it’s what has made Fursan into the brand they are today.

Luckily Fursan work with some of the most skilled leatherworkers on the planet to make their products. Every single stitch is nothing short of being a textbook example of how to make a high quality, designer leather product. Every indentation, engraving, mark made has been made exactly how it was intended to be. There are no blemishes, and there are no mistakes – these products are the pure embodiment of leather-based perfection.

The end result of all this hard work is the stunning new range of wallets and card holders that are the subject of this press release. Investing in one of Fursan’s new range of accessories is the perfect way to subtly tell the world that you’re a man of class, style, and sophistication.

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