Javelinks Is Quickly Gaining Attention for Their Link Retargeting and Engagement Marketing Services

In the digital age, a multitude of businesses operate solely from the internet.  Having an effective link and social media marketing strategy is vital to create massive growth and success for online businesses. 

This is why every business with an online presence is in need of a reliable social marketing service that not only provides a wide array of customer engagement tools and ad retargeting, but is also effective across email and social media channels.

Javelinks has recently launched an app to help online businesses expand their marketing reach through ad retargeting and URL overlays. Javelinks is an online website that provides various services such as visitor remarketing, overlay and popup creation, intermission pages, and link lockers.

Javelinks believes in providing premium support to their customers and it is because of this that they have perfected all of the various services that they excel in. Their remarketing service ensures that people who may have visited a website without purchasing anything continue to see ads for that product or brand, giving them an ample number of opportunities to reconsider buying a product.

They have a social link sharing feature that allows a simple and efficient way to share custom shortened links to many social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter.  If it is easy to share links on social media websites, more people are likely to do so, and this will generate more traction and attention for the website being shared.

Javelinks also provides retargeting which is an advertising method that shows people targeted ads according to their prior interests or activity on the internet. This means that whenever a link is shared using the Javelinks app, a retargeting pixel is embedded in it and a special ad can be shown to the same visitor later on, getting them to come back to the original offer.

If a business is looking for a unique and effective way to market their product without requiring endless content creation, Javelinks is the solution.  It will allow users to share ANY link, article, video, or website and place their own call-to-action on top of it in either a popup or as an intermission page.  Javelinks is currently accepting beta users to gather feedback and will be adding new features for its main launch.

About Javelinks:

Javelinks is an online website that provides a multitude of different interests such as visitor retargeting, popup and overlays, SEO, social sharing buttons and much more. Their services are quite intricate and well-designed and are exactly what many websites require to attain the attention they need to generate more revenue.

For more information: http://javelinks.com

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