Shanghai Metal Corporation Supplies Different Type Nail Making Machine To Produce Nails Of Prescribed Shape And Size

Shanghai Metal Corporation established in 1980 has amassed extensive experience in manufacturing components for metallic products industry, construction industry, machineries industry, and shipping container industry.

Although all commercial segments of a modern industrial nation contribute towards the economy’s growth and development, some sectors tend to play a more significant role compared to others. Some of these industries include manufacturing & fabrication, construction, engineering & design, storage & logistics, installation and maintenance, trading & sourcing, electrical, and medical, and so on. The aforementioned industries taken together as a whole can be termed as ‘the infrastructure component’ of the economy. It can be expressed with conviction that the more developed the infrastructure of a country, the smoother and faster with be the economy’s progress. Shanghai Metal Corporation founded more than 3 decades, has emerged as a prime manufacturing organization in China, specializing in creating medical, electrical, mechanical, construction, shipment, machinery, and metallic products. One of the products that SMC specializes in producing is the nail making machine that enjoys widespread demand not only in China but also throughout the world.

Shanghai Metal Corporation Supplies Different Type Nail Making Machine To Produce Nails Of Prescribed Shape And Size

Shanghai Metal Corporation has branch offices all over the world as well as collaborates with other business entities based in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas for fabricating a comprehensive range of industrial parts and components. The myriad assortment of products crafted by SMC can be classified under 7 broad categories namely, ‘metal’, ‘construction’, ‘containers’, ‘machinery’, ‘mechanical products’, ‘electrical system’, and ‘medical accessories’. The entire gamut of wares that SMC makes and processes is indexed under the abovementioned categories as subcategories. For instance, under the grouping of ‘metal’, one can browse through aluminum products, copper products, metallic coated products, stainless steel products, steel products, and special alloy. Then again, every subheading categorized under ‘metal’ lists an assortment of products. For example, included under the subcategory of ‘aluminum products’, are components such as ‘sheet’, ‘foil’, ‘strip, ‘coil’, ‘tube’ ‘bar’, ‘wire’, ‘roofing’, and ‘profile’.  Nail making machine has been catalogued under ‘other machinery’ which itself is a subsection of ‘machinery’.

The automatic steel nail making machine has been crafted out of pure H.S.S. 40Cr alloy steel. The nail making process is basically a three-stage procedure where coils of steel filaments are put into a wire drawing machine for drawing out into consistent wire threads. Thereafter, these steel strands are made to through the nail producing machine that cuts and processes the strips into nails or rivets. Finally, these coarse nails following their ejection from the fabricating machine are imparted a fine luster courtesy the polishing machine.

The primary raw material needed for making nails is waste steel. Waste steel in turn comprises waste rebars, scrap steel bars, waste electrodes, and so and so forth. The waste steel is put through the wire drawing machine which is a type of wire nail making machine. This machine processes the scrap steel into elongated wires of specific diameters in order to produce nails of prescribed shape and size.

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Shanghai Metal Corporation is a forefront large-scale manufacturing concern headquartered in Shanghai, engaged in fabricating a sweeping range of products for various infrastructure industries.

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