How The Buzz Stand – A digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR can help to plan digital marketing strategy for 2018

With the beginning of 2018, this is the best time to design your digital marketing calendar. Considering the past year, this year is going to be equally challenging. However, we have lots of enthusiasm given the fact that more businesses would be moving towards digital marketing than any other previous year.

Having a digital marketing strategy and a calendar for it can be the best start. It can help in organising things and would show where to focus. It would help you know whether to go for SEO, PPC, content marketing or any other form. In 2017, The Buzz Stand focussed more on building links, great content and getting the brand known by increasing their visibility. But, with changing trends and algorithm we are going to focus more on creating the better user experience. By better user experience we mean not only great content but having rich snippets, page speed insights and better and simpler navigation for users. Tapping in the emotions of users, engaging with them, optimising for voice and building a relationship of trust is something which all brands would try to do.

As a digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR, The Buzz Stand serves many clients to make sure that businesses succeed online. There are also times when one of our strategies doesn’t succeed, but we learn from it and correct our mistake as soon as we find it. This is only possible if you keep a track of the entire process flow.

Striking The Right Tone On Your Website

We provide digital marketing service in India. As you all might be aware there are many languages and cultures which are prevalent across this nation and connecting with the audience can be a challenging task. But, what our experience has taught us to keep it simple. It always works. When a user visits the website, he wants to know what exactly it is about. There is no point in beating around the bush about what your website sells. Try to have colours and font to be striking. Choosing the right colours and font can have an impact in conveying your message to the audience. Have images and videos which are related to the content. Try to have them as something unique, because if they are available something else users tend to pre-estimate and as a result have a higher bounce rate. This is a tried and tested method. As a digital marketing company in Delhi NCR, we have always kept our focus on this thing and this has worked well for our clients. As an example, we work with one of the food ordering Startups. By changing the look of their app and making discounts look more prominent we have been able to increase the conversion rate from 7.8% to 12%.

Having a great user experience can be a game changer in 2018. Great content, no broken links, right call to action, having rich snippets and optimising for page speed is going to play a bigger role more than ever.

Only have relevant content. We saw in the previous years, Google updating its algorithm for keyword stuffing, thin content and this year it is only going to make it stricter for websites. Though we don’t undermine the importance of having some keywords to make it easier for bots, writing an article for the bot is not something we as a digital marketing company in Delhi NCR would recommend.

Micro Moment is going to play a bigger role

It has become easier than ever to keep a track of the marketing strategies. You can analyse each tactic of not only your business but even your competitors. This is only going to make the competition tougher. This calls for analysing every minute detail and finding the best place where you can improve so that you get ahead of your competitor.  The Buzz Stand provides digital marketing service in India and we would recommend the use of tools like Sem Rush, Ahrefs or Moz as a must for any business who wants to make the most of online marketing. Using them you can tell about the geographical location of prospects, your competitor’s tactics, backlink opportunities, what to post about, trending content, the types of products customers purchase and the times of day that they tend to be on the internet.

One of the biggest challenges of 2018 is to find out the opportunity where marketers can tap into this information and get their message conveyed to the prospects at the right place and right time. Customers want the best product and businesses know their competitive advantage over others. Having visibility at the right place can land in some good business. This can be achieved using creating a micro-moment

Here are a few tips for designing micro-moment ads:

• The main Idea should be available to the shopper at a glance

• Call to Action should be clear

• Have one-touch access to call to action

• Optimise for mobile and if possible have AMP Pages

As a digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR, we have helped generate higher revenue by creating these digital marketing strategies for our clients. In case you are looking for a partner who can help you with online marketing at affordable rates, you can get in touch with The Buzz Stand.

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