Boao Fashion Art Week 2018 will be held from February 1 to 5

It was known from the news release held in Boao, Hainan on January 17 by the reporter that Boao Fashion Art Week 2018 will be held in Boao from February 1 to 5, 2018. As introduced, this Boao Fashion Art Week will firstly propose to regard art as the source of fashion inspiration so as to lead the fashion, subverting people’s traditional aesthetic cognition, and famous fashion brands and designers, global fashion KOL, internationally top fashion photographers, cross-field artists and musicians from all over the world will gather in this fashion feast.

It’s learned from the release, there will be eleven shows in total during the Boao Fashion Art Week 2018 and there will be 20 new trend fashion designers with 20 brands from ten countries appearing on the Boao Fashion Art Week.

There will be famous brands, including SLAVA ZAITSEV, Alexander King Chen, JL-Jessica, π, QORE, AURORA ALBA, The Parrot, POEM, INSOMNIA BY VERA, REFLEX ANGELA, Caratiff, Cher’Z, ASaB, THAPAKON, DESIGN MINTSEV KIRILL, RADICAL CHIC, GLACY, VIKTORYA ANDREYANOVA, Miss Modern, PATTRICIA A.GARDE, joining the shows.

The brand founder of SLAVA ZAITSEV, Ivanovo, born on March 2, 1938 in Russia, is a Soviet / Russian fashion designer, painter, graphic designer and theatrical fashion designer. During the Soviet era, its garment was dominated by Zaitsev and Valentin Yudashkin, equally competing to world-famous fashion designers like Christian Lacroix, Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent. In February 1963, Paris Match became the first foreign media that introduced Zaitsev and highly praised his collections.

Additionally, it is known that Boao Fashion Art Week is the first large fashion art week where Asian supermodels are only selected for international brands, which will exhibit the Chinese fashion image at international level. There will be over 50 top Chinese models, including 18 supermodels, on the catwalk.

It is worth mentioning that the song, Forever in Boao, will surprisingly appear on the opening ceremony of Boao Fashion Art Week 2018. Forever in Boao is jointly composed by famous French musician, Dantes, and famous Chinese musician and founder of the music brand, coconut, Eva, and its Russian lyrics are created by Kang Jinsheng. They created this song for Boao, Hainan, China, this burgeoning holiday town. The song is sung in four languages, Chinese, English, French and Russian, showing their infinite passion and love for Boao and Hainan. It is expected that the audience from multi-language areas can be provided with a brand new understanding of Boao and Hainan through this song. It is also expected that everyone will be with them to experience this characteristic holiday town in Hainan, China.

During this fashion art week, four fashion forums, such as Thai Fashion Forum and Russian Fashion from Classic to Avant, will also be held with forum guests like Golden Horse Awards and fashion illustrators.

Furthermore, on the closing music festival of Boao Fashion Art Week 2018 with theme of “Release”, there will be four groups of musician teams and new Chinese electronic musicians giving a 6-hour carnival feast. The invited international musician team consists of FILS AND TOV from France, 2STYLE combining hip-hop, electronic, funk, jazz and popular music, Chekov of magic jazz and psychedelic electronic double, Jinli Koi, from Wuhan.

This fashion feast will also cause a brand new popular trend of “Boao Fashion Regardless of Seasons” and promote packages themed on “Boao Fashion Regardless of Seasons” and relevant derivatives with tourism agencies, merchants and designers.

The host expects to form a new Boao “international”, “artistic” and “fashionable” city brand through holding this activity. While founding a diversified commercial system, the original commercial pattern of Qionghai will be broken so as to further promote the international status and influence of Boao. Boao will be able to attract the sustainable concern of different targeted client groups from a wider range to the Boao market in a more friendly image and a more fashionable way. Meanwhile, while promoting the international culture and technology, fashion culture exchange of Hainan Island, excellent local youth designers and musicians will be powerfully supported.

Besides, this activity will also stimulate the consumption. The host has docked with buyer groups all over China and will exhibit a brand new Boao image to tourists all over the world in this activity to promote the tourism consumption. Meanwhile, through this activity, industries will be docked and cooperation projects will be introduced, such as attracting domestic and foreign designer brand projects, Internet technology R&D projects, cultural creativity projects, music industry projects, education projects, investment and construction projects of tourism industries, investment projects of international shopping centers, to Qionghai. In the following 3-5 years, the exclusive fashion, art and music culture name cards of Qionghai will be constructed, creating long-term economic profits for Qionghai itself.

Boao Fashion Art Week 2018 is jointly hosted by people’s government of Qionghai and Hainan Coconut Music Culture Development Co., Ltd.

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