Coinomi adding NewYorkCoin (NYC) to #1 rated Bitcoin and altcoin mobile wallet

Coinomi, Fintech’s finest security-first multi-asset wallet for Bitcoin and altcoins has announced they will be adding NewYorkCoin (NYC) to their robust mobile platform during their next update. Only 93 coins are currently available at Coinomi’s website ( which will put NewYorkCoin in a very exclusive group of cryptocurrencies to watch this year. Coinomi is also getting ready to release their first mobile wallet for Apple’s iPhone market, which will introduce a whole new crowd of digital currency enthusiasts to Coinomi and the growing list of coins they support. 

Who is NewYorkCoin?

NYC is a fair launch cryptocurrency that’s been around since March 6th, 2014. Still a relative unknown in the crypto-world, NewYorkCoin has a lot of very unique and attractive features. For starters, the NYC network is completely free to use. Meaning that sending and receiving NewYorkCoin anywhere in the world is absolutely free of charge. Free worldwide remittance! If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, NYC also offers lightning-fast transaction confirmations. Bitcoin confirmations take at least 10 minutes each and the fees are approaching astronomical levels just to get a single Bitcoin confirmation in under an hour. Confirmations on the NYC network occur every 30-seconds, without fail. And no additional fees (actually no fees whatsoever) are required to complete your transaction in a timely manner. This feature allows NewYorkCoin to be used at the retail level for time-sensitive consumer transactions. Anywhere in the world. 

Another very impressive feature of NYC is the low difficulty mining (specialized computer equipment used to verify network transactions). Easy mining is literally built into NYC code which uses a basic scrypt hashing algorithm (vs SHA-256 for Bitcoin which requires much more powerful computer equipment) and Kimoto Gravity Well (KGW). The mining difficulty on the NYC network is constantly adjusted based on current hashrate hitting the network to ensure difficulty stays low and the network remains free to use. Low difficulty mining means lower cost, less powerful equipment demanding much less energy is required to verify network transactions which keeps NYC miner’s profitable from just block rewards without requiring any additional fees to complete their critical verifications. 

Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency and clear market leader, has been taking a bit of a beating recently mostly due to the Korean government announcing plans to introduce stricter regulations. With Bitcoin’s market value almost cut in half from recent highs, Bitcoin currently possesses a $200 Billion USD market capitalization. NewYorkCoin is an undiscovered cryptocurrency that has recently been gaining a lot of attention but still has a tiny market cap of only $46 Million USD. With the very useful (and unique) features described above, NewYorkCoin appears to be ready to quickly move up the crypto ranks. Although NewYorkCoin has seen its price rise by over 10,000% in just the past 6 months, NewYorkCoin seems to just be getting started. Keep a close eye on this one. And don’t blink.

Media Contact
Company Name: New York Coin
Contact Person: Eileen Schechter
Phone: (212) 535-0538
Country: United States