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The name Template is very confusing for people who are not very good at English, and as a talented editor, it is no exception, so I went to the Internet to search for it.

Template is an elaboration of a standardized application Template that includes major industries. For example, office templates, design templates, house decoration templates, etc. As soon as I saw this explanation, I suddenly became more and more optimistic, because the block chain technology of Template was originally dedicated to creating a Template payment intelligent sharing platform for global citizen service. Pay “ask” for the template, and provide the template fee “answer”. It can be said that the name Template is appropriately named, and it is not just a lucky name for a good color.

So what does Template do?

Template is creating a smart Template payment platform based on block chain technology; Provide value question and answer, value template distribution and other application scenarios related to template production and communication; Combined with artificial intelligence, the demand and supply matching of value template is realized. Using the block chain technology, the property right registration of the template is realized, and each value template is registered with the block chain, and the template transmission is realized through the block chain. Each user who USES the module must pay a certain amount of Template to the Template producer for use.

The purpose of the Template is to promote the utilization of the stock Template by human society, and to inspire all mankind to participate in the cultural exchange and co-creation of the Template.

What kind of team does Template have?

Template team is Template pay sharing community and experts in the field of computer, in February 2015 contact block chain field, the project after more than half a year’s architectural idea and deduction repeatedly, finally established in May 2016, block chain + smart panel Template paid Shared ecological platform.

What problems can Template solve for us?

1. The template creates insufficient incentive.

Existing templates to create platforms, most independent communication platform for the user, relies on the user’s own creation motivation, motivation and personal branding, and the lack of will have the price template to liquidate channels or landing. The direct benefit of the template creator is much lower than the value generated by its authoring template.

2. Difficulties in copyright protection.

Although copyright protection is getting more and more by the national attention and introduced the copyright protection act and the template property protection act and other relevant laws and regulations, but the creator is still difficult, when the rights in addition to the economy and the problems in time, the most important is how to determine the infringement of the other. There is no effective and fair way to judge infringement.

3. The spread of templates across borders is still very difficult.

Existing cross-border payment process trival, low efficiency, high operating threshold, and present some of the most important international academic papers, translation is mainly by a handful of some professional staff to deal with, and then spread to the country. This greatly limits the propagation rate of important value templates. It also creates unequal opportunities in different social classes.

How does Template solve these problems?

First of all, the Template with the network protocol, identity authentication service, name service, file storage, value combination and separation, extension, support for multiple signature algorithm, the mechanism of consensus, the identification of templates, Template virtual machine and the chain anchor and so on ten big core technology, this is the idea of the Template to achieve technical guarantee.

Second, the Template follows a mature six-tier technical architecture, from the bottom up to: data layer, network layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, contract layer and application layer. This is the idea of Template that can be implemented.

The operation body of Template

So, are these jobs done by Template itself?

No, Template requires an operating subject to practice its design philosophy, and Global Smart capital Limited is one of them.

GSC full name is the global intelligent capital company, is a company on October 23, 2013 in the middle of the Bermuda exchange market for listed companies, as a leading innovation and change of new capital company, the emergence of the Template platform can help GSC company get a bigger development. At the same time, the Template platform will better practice its ideas and achieve greater success and higher visibility.

What are the prospects for the block chain economy of Template?

Foreign institutions generally optimistic about the chain block economic development prospects: according to davos BBS founder Klaus Schwab (Klaus Schwab) that block chain after steam engine, electric, computer’s fourth important achievements of the industrial revolution, is expected to 2025 years ago, 10% of global GDP will use the block storage chain technology.

In 2020, according to market research firm Gartner predicts, based on the block of chain business will be $100 billion, in addition to the financial industry, in the next 10 to 15 years between driven by chain block trade will exceed $10 trillion.

The research and consulting firm MarketsandMarkets predicts that the combined annual growth of the global blockchain market application and solution providers will be the highest between 2016 and 2021.

The Bank of America also announced the formation of the block chain technology alliance in the summer of 2016 and tested the application of block chain technology in the European Union.

To sum up, the Template block chain economic outlook not only wide, at the same time also won the support of governments, in the face of such a platform is worth people look forward to what we have reason to doubt its development prospects?

The formal launch of Template SVT2018 will certainly have a positive impact on the global Internet financial system and the value Template field. At the same time, more people have the same dream, will be joined together to accomplish the great cause, at that time, the Template will open mill, mining and after being main Template online, let each Template generate real benefits, let’s wait and see.

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