IMMA Offers Personalized SMS Marketing Campaigns for Quick and Targeted Results

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – January 23rd, 2018 – SMS marketing is that magical strategy that keeps the messaging simple, short and always on target. The IMMA Agency based in Brazil is a digital marketing leading expert in this agile and flexible marketing technique, along with a complete bouquet of web design, development and other trending promotional strategies.

SMS marketing is all about quick communication with just the right customers. This makes it perfect for promotional campaigns, cross and up selling of products, as well as conducting satisfaction surveys. The short and direct way of interacting with clients allows quick and efficient communication with the target audience.

“With a SMS Marketing service, it is possible to create marketing campaigns by narrowing the relationship with your customer through the dissemination of offers, products and services, news and events,” says a spokesperson from IMMA.

Marketing via SMS has several advantages that make it popular today. Users are known to check their mobile phones more than 150 times a day, and SMS messages are quickly delivered to their devices. SMS messages also cost less than other media, and the open rate is as high as up to 98 percent.

The volume of A2P (Application to Person) messages is expected to increase by 20% over the next 5 years to more than 2.7 trillion by 2022. According to a new Juniper report: “A2P Messaging: Opportunities, Competition and Predictions 2017-2022”, this growth will be driven by an increase in automated marketing messages, payments and authentication. A2P is defined as an automated message sent from a company to an end user.

According to Anatel (National Telecommunication Agency), Brazil had 239,1 millions of active cellphones by November 2017, which is a great opportunities to even small companies to invest in sms marketing communication campaigns.

IMMA offers a step by step way to carry out SMS marketing campaigns. The digital marketing strategy includes presentation of the idea, creating targeted and individual messages based on phone numbers, result analysis, error verification and report generation.

As a digital marketing agency, IMMA works with simple online management principles for companies of all sizes. Solutions are thus developed that are tailor made for the specific client, campaigns are thoroughly managed, and improvements are made for the cost-benefit ratio of the campaign.

IMMA offers several advantages over its competition in the market. Its team specializes in internet marketing, services are personalized for the client’s specific requirements, and an account manager is appointed for each project. A contract schedule is always put in place, and there is a specialized team abreast with the four pillars of internet marketing: graphic design, programming and content creation and management.

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