Heuro, the social media platform for intellectuals seeking the intellectuals in crowd on Indiegogo

Heuro is the new social media platform specially designed for intellectuals around the world to come together and learn, share and connect with other like-minded individuals. The platform is going to launch its beta version at the month of Feb – March for the indiegogo users and the intellectuals, students, journalists, (you can request for the beta by emailing to them at heuroapp@gmail.com) and after improvements from reviews, the platform will be live for the world on 18th April 2018 and hopes to create community of intellectuals and improving it as a collective efforts by the intellectuals for the intellectuals through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Heuro has the vision of making the world more intellectual and creative by using science and technology, as all its features like instant notes, organized feed such as news, blogs, research papers, and journals as well as knowledge search options, article maker, and poster are syncing together to give the best intellectual experience to the user. The platform will be available for all Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Heuro is a mobile application and social learning platform to gain and share knowledge and giving exponential benefits to the intellect. It is designed considering the current and future scenario of automated society where career growth is highly dependent upon the intellect and creativity of the person and to help them in following their intellectual goals. The platform is suitable for journalists, students, writers and anyone who seeks information and knowledge as social learning. Although there are a number of social media platforms available these days but there is a dearth of a platform which is designed especially for the intellectuals’ and their needs and offers quality content that adds to the knowledge and intellect.

In the modern times, there are billions of people including teenagers who use social media yet they don’t receive the required knowledge from it. It is essential to spend some time on an online platform that provides the freedom to interact with knowledgeable individuals and seek useful information that positively affects their learning curve and career growth. The users can not only get in touch with intellectual individuals but also browse through enormous information that is carefully curated to boost intellect.

Heuro is a complete platform designed to satisfy the curious and creative minds by allowing them to search about anything new they encounter through the knowledge search option and capture the flash of genius ideas with just one click within Heuro and which then they can further research and expand their idea to turn it into an intellectual and creative article. It’s a platform that aims to form a community of intellectuals to gain, share and build their knowledge together. To make this platform a perfect version of itself, the developers urge the generous individuals to support and contribute to the fundraiser campaign and create the community from the crowd and spread intellectualism.

More information about the platform can be found on Indiegogo.com.

Video: https://www.vimeo.com/250258158

Indiegogo link: https://igg.me/at/heuro/x/17868995

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Company Name: Heuro Platform Private Limited
Contact Person: Akshay Bansal
Email: heuroapp@gmail.com
Phone: +919897940807
Country: India
Website: www.heuroapp.com