Qstoves Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Funding the Q-Flame Portable Wood Pellet Heater Project

Qstoves Inc. takes the Kickstarter route to fund the Q-Flame Portable Wood Pellet Heater project.

Qstoves Inc., the company dedicated to designing and developing new heaters and stove systems that are extremely efficient, has announced the launch of a campaign on Kickstarter for financing the Q-Flame Portable Wood Pellet Heater project. It is designed to be an efficient alternative to the standard and conventional propane units and the best option for those who are looking for an advanced outdoor heating solution.

“We are happy to announce the launch of our innovative Q-Flame Portable Wood Pellet Heater, the best heater for outdoor heat,” says the spokesperson for Qstoves Inc. “It is the opposite of the antiquated heater that pollutes the air and is harsh on the environment as well. The Q-Flame is the results of our mission aimed at reducing air pollution and creating a heating solution that can work on non-renewable resources.”

Q-Flame Portable Wood Pellet Heater can be operated without electricity, gas, propane or an open fire according to the designers of this innovative heater. It can provide heat for either work or leisure or even in a crisis in an eco-friendly manner. The company is committed to protecting the fragile habitat by promoting products uses non-renewable resources.

Q-Flame Portable Wood Pellet Heater is ideal for use during recreational activities such as camping or patio parties. It is also a survival tool of vital importance during storms and similar emergency situations when the electricity goes down. The inexpensive and friendly Q-Flame is easy to operate and can be a great survival tool in such circumstances. It is not only eco-friendly but also does not need any electricity to power the device.

Qstoves has designed a heating device that can deliver fire in an optimized manner using a simple mechanism. Their research and development team were able to find a way of using a single wood pellet with no glues, additives or enhancements and yet get flame of around four to five feet out of it naturally.

Wood pellets are used in Qstoves as a source of fuel as it is renewable, inexpensive and can be transported and stored inexpensively and easily. Made of compressed saw dust sourced from limber industries, these pellets are customized to sizes of specific diameters and lengths.

Qstoves is also into manufacturing wood pellet stoves and patio heaters. They offer a series of benefits to users. The cost of heating is as low as $0.5 per hour and there is no need for electricity. It can heat within a radius of 10 feet. The heaters can be activated quickly in an emergency as there are no electronics or moving parts involved. The small size of the heater makes it easy to move, store and set them up.

The Kickstarter campaign has a financial goal of $30,000 with a deadline of 22 February 2018.

About Q-Flame Portable Wood Pellet Heater:

Q-Flame Portable Wood Pellet Heater by Qstoves Inc. is an innovative heater designed to offer an eco-friendly and safe way of heat for various purposes and situations. The cost-effective heating system makes use of wooden pellets that perform better and with a high degree of efficiency when compared to conventional heaters.

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