MENSSKULL Jewelry Retails Of A Wide Range Of Ornamental Accessories And Silver Rings For Men

MENSSKULL Jewelry is an e-commerce portal that has been focusing on listing and retailing a comprehensive range of jewelry and trinkets exclusively for men since 2014.

Long gone are the days when enticing men by sporting fabulous necklaces, earrings, armlets, and bracelets used to be the exclusive preserve of womenfolk. For many years now, men have been wearing ornament pieces, accessorizing the same with their formal as well as casual attires. Nowadays, one comes across a varied range of jewelry accessories befitting for a man like bracelets, finger rings, earrings, necklaces, and cufflinks. Any male who considers himself trendy, avant-garde, and upwardly mobile, can opt for such jewelry pieces to sync with his outfits which at the same would also a long way in putting the accent on his persona. MENSKULL Jewelry is an approved and popular portal that stocks and retails a near endless variety of costume jewelry items including skull bracelet. These men’s bracelets embossed with the image of a human or animal skull can be paired with suits and jackets.

The skull bracelet from MENSSKULL is available online in an assortment of styles and designs. For instance, there is the ‘saber-tooth tiger bracelet’ that carries a solid image of the tiger’s skull. Then again, there is the ‘American bald eagle bracelet’ bearing the skull of the US’s national bird-the bald eagle. Similarly, any interested buyer can browse through near endless designs of skull bracelets. One comes across a bracelet sporting the skull of the cougar and then there’s another wristlet that is ornamented with human skulls that have been meticulously engraved making them appear like the original craniums. These bracelets decorated with skulls of various living beings have been crafted out of the best grade of silvers-925 sterling silver, 999 sterling silver, and 14K gold, and eco-friendly hypoallergenic brass.

MENSSKULL Jewelry Retails Of A Wide Range Of Ornamental Accessories And Silver Rings For Men

Every item of men’s jewelry is completely handcrafted by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen. Take the suture skull ring 925 sterling silver imprisonment 18k gold has been fashioned manually, starting from the layout process to the finished or end product. Every stage from milling to glazing is accomplished by dexterous hands of the craftsman which the buyer or owner can make out when he studies the trinkets in detail. Each and every ring fabricated by MENSSKULL’s craftsmen has been certified by SGS, a global notarization firm based in Switzerland. Customers and prospective buyers can be rest assured that whatever they order on MENSKULL website is authentic and backed by guarantee.

Men who are looking to wear ornaments that seamlessly match with their apparels, watches, and other dress accessories can surf through the innumerable models of silver rings for men. One can choose from original handmade 925 sterling silver ring, demon mask 925 sterling silver original handmade rings, and monkey king original handmade 925 sterling silver rings, and so on.  However, MENSKULL recommends buyers to send the appropriate size of/for whatever they order and allow 2-3 weeks for crafting the product before the same is shipped.


MENSSKULL Jewelry established in 2014 primarily retails a sweeping variety of ornaments for men like rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. For more details please visit their website.

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