At Long Last Rebecca Kudryavsky Is Producing A New Reality TV Show About Her Life!

Reality fans are in for an exciting time as Rebecca Kudryavsky has announced she is set to launch a new reality show that follows her wonderful life. This production is not to be missed and could be one of the biggest shows to hit the USA.

While we take a peek inside the exploits and privileged private life of Rebecca Kudryavsky fashion designer and television producer and her family. It will also display her life as a single mother of 5 while raising her niece and caring for her middle daughters grandfather as she faces the trials and tribulations that life has to offer. Along with her constant need for travel and dealing with her tenants in New York City and her new life in Oklahoma.

This is Not a continuation of the show she was working on with Eddie Murphy’s cousin Ray several years back that was picked up by bravo about Rebecca’s life as a fashion designer and her paramour’s life as a poker player. But Rebecca Kudryavsky walked away from it all to raise her family in a quiet life while opening up a fashion boutique on 5th ave in Manhattan.

This time it is different because Rebecca Kudryavsky is back with a vengeance no longer breastfeeding and ready to take back on the world.

We already know she is an proven producer from one of the television shows that she produced and hosted that went out to 7.3 million homes in nyc and worldwide on the internet as calculated via the neilsen ratings and this time she is not only allowing us access to her life but producing it and directing it as well.

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About Rebecca Kudryavsky

Rebecca Kudryavsky is a fashion designer, actress, model, TV producer, mother of 5 and soon to be a reality TV star.

Media Contact
Company Name: Behcca Kay Productions
Contact Person: Rebecca Kudryavsky
Phone: 347 996 9194
City: Staten Island
State: New York
Country: United States