Einstein\’s Theory of Relativity harmonized with Absolute Time; Technical Paper Published in Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Panchkula, India – 23rd January, 2018 – In a technical paper published in Vol 10 issue 43 of Indian Journal of Science and Technology, for the first time, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has been harmonized with absolute time.

In 1905, the famous scientist of 20th century, Albert Einstein had assumed time to be variable when he published his Special Theory of Relativity. He proposed that every observer measures time independently and when an observer is traveling, time slows down for him or her. This is known as ‘time dilation’, and its amount increases with the observer’s own speed. Similar effect was proposed to have existed for objects under gravity, in General Theory of Relativity, which was known as ‘Gravitational time dilation’. Combination of these effects led to ‘Time Paradox’, where one observer can become older than the other if one spends time on earth and the other travels in space. Another outcome of this development was ‘Time Travel’, which gave birth to numerous fictional stories of traveling back in time similar to the story of Interstellar, a science fiction movie released in 2014.

According to Stephen Hawking, a famous theoretical physicist,” Even if it turns out that time travel is impossible, it is important that we understand why it is impossible.” The paper “A Study of Redundancy of Time Dilation in Theory of Relativity’, explains why it is impossible. 

Measurement of time dilation in the Hafele and Keating experiment, the Precession of the Perihelion of Mercury, the Bending of Starlight by the Sun, and the measurement of time dilation by radio signals in traveling from Earth to Mars and back, are the four main validations of Theory of Relativity which the author, Devinder Dhiman, has reexamined in light of his new concept space-fabric and proved that Theory of Relativity is not dependent on time dilation. 

The conclusion of this paper is ‘time dilation’, ‘time paradox’, and ‘time travel’ do not exist; only absolute time exists, and Theory of Relativity can be harmonized with Absolute time.

The paper can be downloaded free from the link http://indjst.org/index.php/indjst/article/view/109171

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