Sprinklebit adopts blockchain technology to deliver a compelling one-stop-shop solution to fragmented market systems

As a licensed, regulated securities brokerage Sprinklebit has launched Sprinklecoin creating the first open and borderless ecosystem of financial services. The potential benefit to investors, traders and members are immediate as Sprinklebit adopts blockchain technology to deliver a compelling one-stop-shop solution to fragmented market systems. Simplification at the core of this ecosystem will incentivize all participants – users, traders, and partners – to work in the same direction to make a global frictionless investment environment.

What does this mean for the average person?

It means: quicker conversion from cash to crypto, easier access to investments, increased influence in corporate & foundation decision making, cross-border payments & investments for a fraction of the cost, decentralized cash deposits & withdrawals.

This is just the beginning.

SprinkleBit will encourage a network effect for SprinkleCoin by implementing it as a settlement network for all the digital services. SprinkleCoin will emerge as a sustainable autonomous investment network that can empower existing and new ventures, while building a decentralized investment network for the future.

The SprinkleCoin Ecosystem will seek to establish a true borderless investing experience for everyone in the world. In this model, users will benefit from a diverse spectrum of cryptocurrencies and investment opportunities through a seamless investing experience.

Sprinklebit founder Alex Wallin – “When I am asked what can SprinkleCoin do, I simply answer; everything. We have created a powerful, super-fast Crypto-trading Platform to access them all. Imagine being able to see all your cryptos, stocks, ETF’s, and options in the same app. That’s what we will bring you …and a lot more.

Another example iswhen people do not have access to all these complicated crypto-exchanges. So we have a solution. It’s called Cash to Crypto or C2C as we like to call it. It means that you can exchange your cash to SprinkleCoin as easily as buying a soda”

The ICO is being managed by United Capital Investments s.a. and its chairman Mr. Antoun Toubia.

One Platform – meeting all your needs.

SprinkleCoin will be integrated into the SprinkleBit trading platform and gives you the ability to pay for premium services and send money to friends. It can also be used to fund your crypto-trading account.

SprinkleCoin’s settlement API could be used by any partner in the network who would like to use it for international investors to easily transfer funds to their system.

SprinkleCoin (SCOI) is a cryptographic token, which is envisioned as a general-purpose cryptocurrency for use in everyday digital services such as information, social media, and payments. SprinkleCoin will be the underlying currency for all transactions within the SprinkleBit Ecosystem, and it will be available to integrate into other online services.

SprinkleCoin is a cryptocurrency with fixed supply that will be used across the entire range of Sprinklebit services.

The Sprinkle range of services include:

• SprinkleBit (Social Network for investing)

• SprinkleSim (Stock trading simulator)

• SprinkleLearning (Educational Platform)

• SprinkleWealth (Robo-Advisor)

• SprinkleCrypto (Crypto Exchange (coming soon))

• SprinklePay (Peer-to-peer payments (coming soon))

To find out more please visit: https://sprinklecoin.com/

Media Contact
Company Name: SprinkleBit SA
Contact Person: Antoun Toubia
Email: owner@uci.global
Phone: +995 557 669 417
Country: Luxemburg
Website: https://sprinklecoin.com