Factors that Affect The Cost Of Solar Panels

Kensington VIC,  Australia – 23rd January, 2018 – ENERGIS a Smart Energy Specialist, supplying Australian homes and businesses with energy efficient products helps to answer many questions that customer needs answers to. One of the common question is “How many panels do I need to wipe out my bill?” The answer – “It depends on your daily energy consumption, your roof, shading, condition of your switchboard, your local distribution business’s constraints and your energy retailer’s peak and off-peak prices. Also unless you store excess energy, in a battery, then you will always have a bill”.  Solar Panel Melbourne will help you with these questions.

Looking at each of these parameters in turn.

Daily Consumption: As a rule of thumb, 1 kW of Solar Panels will generate, on average over the year, 4 kilowatt hours (4kWh) of energy. So 5kW solar systems will generate 20kWh per day provided the panels are facing north at an elevation of between 25 and 40 degrees. solar power systems

Your roof: This output diminishes if your roof, or rooves, face away from north, if your roof is steep, or shallow. This flows on to reducing the power generated and hence the energy available for your house. (If your home has a flat roof then tilt frames will be required.)

Shading: Shading interferes with the irradiance from the sun and so the current generated by the panels is affected. This can be caused by aerials, rooves, trees, mountains, buildings or clouds.

Switchboards: The Australian Standards insist that if work is performed on a switchboard, it must comply with the current AS/NZS3000 Standard. When your CEC accredited installer, who is also a qualified and certified electrician, signs off on your job, you can rest assured that your system complies with all Standards and CEC Guidelines. However if your switchboard is not compliant, then it must be upgraded, at your expense.

How does solar power work?

Retailers’ Prices: An energy retailer is simply a broker and mediator – they buy energy and resell it. e.g., they may pay you 11.3c, in Victoria, for each kilowatt hour and then sell it to your next-door neighbour for 30c. Retailers are not responsible for the meters, poles and wires; that’s the job of the distribution businesses.

Tip: You can use one of the solar savings calculator pages to work out your exact savings

Distribution Business (DBs) Constraints: Victoria – Ausnet Services, CitiPower, PowerCor, United Energy and Jemena

Unfortunately, these businesses, which are separated geographically, have never been in sync. With each other. However Energis can work through this red-tape on your behalf. For instance, Ausnet Services restricts residential, single-phase properties to 4.6kW peak solar power. Whereas others allow 10kW per phase. If your system is larger than 30kW, you must provide protection to the network to ensure it’s not overloaded.

CEC Retail Code

When choosing solar panels be sure to choose a signatory to the CEC Retail Code of Conduct. Without that, your ability remedy design and installation faults could be more difficult. Signatories agree to perform according to a rigorous list of constraints to which other companies do not need to comply.

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